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|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|hair = Black
|hair = Black
|age = '''Nick Jonas:''' 17<br>'''Joe Jonas:''' 20 <br>'''Kevin Jonas:''' 22
|age = '''Nick Jonas:''' 19<br>'''Joe Jonas:''' 22 <br>'''Kevin Jonas:''' 24
|job = Musicians
|job = Musicians
|religion = Christian
|religion = Christian

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Jonas Brothers are a pop-rock boy band, famous for their appeal to "tweens". They appeared in "The Ring".


"The Ring"

In an attempt to lure her into a sexual relationship, Kenny McCormick takes his new girlfriend, Tammy Warner to a Jonas Brothers concert, after discovering that they apparently cause her to become sexually agressive. However, after the concert, the Jonas Brothers lure several girls into their dressing room, where the girls assume they're there to give the boys blow jobs. Surprisingly though, the boys appear to have no idea what blowjobs are, and instead preach to the girls about their religious faith, and then give the girls purity rings in an attempt to encourage them to not engage in any sort of "naughty" behavior such as sex, drugs, watching "naughty TV shows", or swearing.

While the boys are successful at doing this, it is revealed that the Brothers dislike the idea of forcing the rings on the girls, wanting their careers to be about their music. Mickey Mouse, their boss and the owner of the Disney Corporation, forces them to promote the rings, as he wants to sell sex to little girls, but without parents realizing it. When the Brothers try to back out of their deal with Disney, Mickey Mouse proceeds to beat the the lead singer to keep them in line. After the boys reveal the truth behind Mickey's plan, the Jonas Brothers were freed from his control.

"A History Channel Thanksgiving"

The Jonas Brothers made a brief cameo "A History Channel Thanksgiving", in a music video Butters was watching until his father changed the station to something "educational".


They're all similar, having black hair and similar facial features.

Nick Jonas

Nick wears a black vest, white "dress" shirt, a pink undershirt, tan pants, and black "dress" shoes.

Joe Jonas

Joe wears a red "dress" shirt, a gray tie, black pants, and white sneakers.

Kevin Jonas

Kevin wears a tan coat, a light blue and yellow shirt, dark gray pants, and black and white, gray trimmed sneakers.


They all have similar personalities, having good moral centers as well as being compassionate about their music, to such an extent that they challenged Mickey Mouse's, even though they knew they would get in trouble.

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