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Johnnie Cochran was a famous attorney who worked for many famous and wealthy clients and is considered one of the best lawyers of all time. He represented Capitalists Records, the record company that sued Chef over the rights to a song named "Stinky Britches" and won in "Chef Aid", by using the Chewbacca Defense. He later helped Chef after being inspired by the boys' fundraising concert, Chef Aid.


Cochran wears a blue suit, white "dress" shirt, black tie, black-framed, circular glasses, and a black shoes.


He is intelligent as well as manipulative, easily tricking two juries to take his side only using the "Chewbacca Defense".



  • He appeared among the 200 celebrities that want to sue South Park in "200", despite being dead in reality.
  • The "Chewbacca defense" is a parody of his work as O.J. Simpson's defense attorney in the latter's highly publicized murder trial, hinging on his quote "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit!", which originally referred to a glove found at the crime scene which Cochran explained was too small to fit on Simpson's hand.


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