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John Dickinson was an American lawyer and politician from Philadelphia and appeared in the Season Seven episode, "I'm a Little Bit Country". He served as a Congressman, for Pennsylvania, and served a second term for Delaware.


While in his self-induced flashback to 1776, Eric Cartman meets the Continental Congress and sees them argue and insult each other in a similar way the adults of his time do. John Dickinson is against the war of independence and wants to use peaceful diplomacy. John Adams believes war is inevitable and is the only way to be free from England and become a sovereign nation.


John Dickinson is dressed in the typical clothes of the 18th century, with a gray wig, red waistcoat, black outer coat. His animated persona was stylistically more realistic than the normal round type used regularly.


  • "Don't you call us unpatriotic! We're protesting this war because we care so deeply for the fate of our Colonies! You are all unpatriotic for leading the Colonies into a war that half of them don't want!"
  • "But what about the violence?! The lives lost?! If we found a country, it should be founded on peace and diplomacy."
  • "We cannot found a country based on war! Right."
  • "If the people of our new country are allowed to do whatever they wish, then some will support the war and some will protest it."


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