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John Aspinal, formerly known as Frank, is a worker at the South Park Realtors who first appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Pajama Day".


The South Park Realtors is one of the many companies with workers wearing pajamas to work, in support of the fourth-grade class in South Park Elementary whose Pajama Day privileges were canceled by PC Principal. One of the workers, Mike, decides not to wear pajamas, thinking that it would not make sense to do so. This draws the ire of his colleagues, including Frank who points out the office door clearing showing a sign that pajamas are required to be worn in the office.

After the school declares an "Opposite Day" instead of Pajama Day, the news was spread to the office, with Frank instructing everyone to return to their usual working attire, believing that wearing pajamas on "Opposite Day" would make the workers look like "douchebags" like Mike.

Following the influx of city dwellers in "City People", Frank (now known as John Aspinal) recruits Liane Cartman into the South Park Realtors, and faces competition from the South Park Realty Group formed by Eric Cartman. The tactics used by Cartman himself were reciprocated by John, making video showcases and forcing all staff to take new photos that caused them to break their backs.


John Aspinal has dark brown hair that is graying on the sides. He wears a dark blue suit with a white shirt and black tie.

In "Pajama Day", he wears a red robe over a light gray pajama set and black slippers.


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