Jimmy Valmer (formerly Jimmy Swanson) is a character in South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker. This character is inspired by Tiny Tim Cratchit from Dickens's "A Christmas Carol", and possibly Blair's handicapped cousin on "The Facts of Life". Some fans of the show ponder as to whether or not his name is a reference to Jeffery Dahmer[1]. His birthday is May 13th .


Jimmy wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black boots; he wears braces, has a rather lopsided face, brown hair, and sideburns. Like Timmy, he is handicapped, but with muscular dystrophy, and he can still walk with the help of crutches. They seem to hinder his arm use, as in "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes", when he is struggling unsuccessfully to get Sharon Marsh a shopping cart.

From "Cripple Fight" through "Super Fun Time", his eyebrows were the same color as his hair. However, as of "The China Probrem" they are black just like other characters his age.

He is also able to communicate with people, though with a severe stutter and a Brooklyn-esque accent, although he sometimes ends his sentences with "very much" when there is no need for it.


Like Timmy, the humor of Jimmy's character comes from his endless optimism despite his handicap; his disability is not mocked per se, but rather his exaggerated eagerness to be a successful "handi-capable" person is. Jimmy has recently started to expand his role on South Park; it is unknown if he is being eased in as a main character. He seems to be eager to be a member of the main character's gang - In "Professor Chaos" he is one of the final ten fourth members, but becomes a suck-up, which may be why he was declined as a fourth member. In later seasons, he is shown as a frequent add-on member in Craig's gang.

He is generally a popular and gifted student at school, and he is moral and knows how to be a friend. However, he is foul-mouthed and very competitive; taking steroids just so he can win the Special Olympics. He and Timmy also competed against Christopher Reeve in "Krazy Kripples". He is also seen singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in "Red Sleigh Down", but his stutter makes it very slow going, as each time the scene cuts back to him he is just ending the verse he started in the last one.


He likes to perform stand-up comedy, in the style of Jay Leno, but he is often criticized for his jokes, even though everyone considered them hilarious in Cripple Fight. When telling a joke, he often starts it of with 'Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?" in the style of The Tonight Show's host Jay Leno. When finishing a joke, even if there's only one person listening to him, and no matter what their reaction to the joke, he will usually say "Wow, what a great audience!". In "Fishsticks" one of his jokes became famous and was considered to be the greatest joke in the world by everyone, except Kanye West.

Jimmy also likes singing. His favorite song is "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but he sings it painfully slowly in front of the City Hall in "Red Sleigh Down". He has also acted on a few occasions, such as "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers".


Jimmy seems to be rather good at fighting, as in the episode Cripple Fight he and Timmy engage in a fistfight that is, shot-for-shot, nearly identical to the fistfight scene in They Live, and both of them do pretty well. Later, though, they get along more easily, and become friends. Jimmy seems to be the only one who can understand Timmy's utterances.

Jimmy even beat up his girlfriend in "Up the Down Steroid" (see below), and threatened he'd kick Cartman's ass. He often uses his crutches as a highly dangerous weapon when fighting as demonstrated in "Good Times With Weapons".

However in "Casa Bonita", Cartman, manages to slam him against the lockers, but this could be attributed to the fact that Cartman doesn't have a disability and he suprised him. Kyle scolded him for "Beating up a handicapped kid."




He had a girlfriend in "Up the Down Steroid" named Nancy. They had met during free period at school the week before. He beat her up after a rush of testosterone hit him after consuming steroids and also accused her of cheating on him. He also beat his mother up when she came to defend Nancy. It seemed as if Nancy forgave him for that, though, as she still rooted for him at the Special Olympics.

He was the first 4th grader to lose his virginity (the second was Kenny in The Ring); however, in "My Future Self n' Me", he told another boy how he and his girlfriend had sex after trying ecstasy. Because he acted like a comedian while saying this, it is most likely a joke.

In "Erection Day", Jimmy started getting erections, and in an effort to stop them in time for the talent show, he had sex with a prostitute who went by the street name Nut Gobbler. Also, in this episode, he asks Rebecca, a kid in his class, to have sex with him to stop his erections; but she slapped him and called him a jerk after that.


Jimmy and Nut Gobbler



Jimmy's Parents

His parents are named Ryan Valmer and Sarah. Apparently, they both used to tease handicapped people when they were in high school, and are ultimately convinced that God made their son handicapped to punish them for that.

When Jimmy started getting erections in Erection Day, his parents hired a counselor known as "Dr. Pal", to convince Jimmy that these spontaneous erections were a normal phase, and that there was nothing to worry about.

As revealed in Night of the Living Homeless, Ryan is apparently the Chief of the Fire Department.


Sarah wears a white shirt, underneath an orange sleeveless dress, with a white belt around her waist. Her hair is long and black, and she wears red lipstick. Her breasts seem to be quite large and full-shaped.

Ryan wears a blue shirt with a greenish-blue tie, underneath a red sweater with a blue and orange diamond pattern at the bottom. He also wears green trousers. His hair is brown, and he seems to have a slight double chin.


Sarah apparently can get very emotional, as in Krazy Kripples, when she and Ryan try to get Jimmy out of the gang he's joined, and he refuses, she bursts into tears. Ryan seems to be rather nosy, as in Up the Down Steroid, he kept poking into Jimmy's room, asking if he was masturbating.

Episode He Prominent

Name Dispute

His last name is uncertain; he was known as "Jim Swanson" in "Krazy Kripples", possibly in a refrence to Family Guy's Joe Swanson, who coincidentally is also handicapped but moves around in a wheelchair.But his name was changed to "Valmer" in "Up the Down Steroid" and all subsequent episodes. This was referenced in "Tsst", in which Jimmy asked Cartman, after he said they were best friends, what his last name was, which Cartman didn't know. It is possible that the creators changed Jimmy's last name because of the similarity to the handicapped character Joe Swanson on Family Guy, (a show that Matt and Trey have expressed disdain for; see "Cartoon Wars Part I") or he just got his last name changed to Valmer. Or he had the same last name as his mother before his parents got married.


  • In the episode "Tsst" his house address is given as 1331.
  • Jimmy is the second youngest kid in South Park to have consensual sex. The youngest is Ike Broflovski, who lost his virginity to his teacher Ms. Stephenson in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy."
  • In "Crippled Summer" it is shown that, while unable to walk without crutches, he can stand on his own without any support.
  • Jimmy is a Christian, and possibly a Protestant, he wasn't seen at the church in "Red Hot Catholic Love," meaning he isn't Catholic, but in "Krazy Kripples" he mentions about doing "a lock-in at the Rec Center for church." Jimmy is most likely a Protestant.
  • Jimmy's name most likely suggest he's of German Descent.
  • Jimmy was not a regular student of Garrison's class until "Le Petit Tourette," where he seemingly replaced Pip. However, Jimmy was shown to be in the class in "Up the Down Steroid" and "Erection Day."
  • Jimmy tends to be more of the main character in episodes with Timmy. He slowly started to replace Timmy in season 7 and has since become a regular secondary character, whereas Timmy has been reduced to mostly background appearances starting in season 9.
  • Jimmy is usually part of the Boys' gang whenever they go past 5 or one of them is preoccupied elsewhere.
  • Although he has an askew face, he isn't considered one of The Ugly Kids. The same goes for Timmy.
  • Jimmy seems to be unaware of his stuttering because in "Raisins" when Stan asks him to tell Wendy that she's a continuing source of inspiration to him, Jimmy stuttered (making it sound like "Stan says you're a cunt") and then when Wendy walked away, Jimmy finally finished the sentence, but he told Stan that their relationship was over.



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