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Jimmy Valmer (previously Swanson) is a male fourth grader. He is voiced by Trey Parker. He was originally created as a one-time character for "Cripple Fight" as a rival for Timmy Burch, but he quickly became a fan favorite and plays a supporting role in many episodes. He and Timmy became best friends and less of a rival to one another.



Like Timmy, the humor of Jimmy's character comes from his endless optimism despite his handicap. His disability is not overtly mocked; rather his exaggerated eagerness to be a successful "handi-capable" person. Jimmy's role has more recently been expanded, bringing him more screen time and giving his character more depth. In "Professor Chaos", he is one of the final 10 chosen to be their fourth member, but ultimately he is not picked. In later seasons, he is shown hanging with Craig's Gang.

He is generally popular and successful at school; he is moral and knows how to be a friend. However, he is foul-mouthed and very competitive; he took steroids just to win the Special Olympics. He and Timmy also competed against Christopher Reeve in "Krazy Kripples".

Despite being foul-mouthed and competitive, he is generally well-liked and nice always looking after his friends.



Jimmy hosting the First Annual Comedy Awards.

He likes to perform stand-up comedy in the style of Jay Leno (often starting jokes with "Have you seen this?" or "Have you heard about this?"), but he is often criticized for his jokes, although everyone considered them hilarious in "Cripple Fight". When finishing a joke, even if only one person was listening to him, and no matter what their reaction to the joke, he will usually say "Wow, what a great audience!".

In "Fishsticks", one of his jokes became world-famous and was considered to be the greatest joke in the world by everyone except Kanye West.


Jimmy also likes to sing. In "Red Sleigh Down", he sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" painfully slowly with a stutter in front of an unaware, tired audience at City Hall. He also sings and plays the ukulele to "Tardicaca Hula Gal" in "Crippled Summer" though he struggles to play parts of his ukulele solo.

In "Night of the Living Homeless" Jimmy is shown to have the ability to play the drums as seen when he does a drum-roll for Cartman to jump over a homeless guy with his skateboard. In "Band in China", the full extent of his proficiency is demonstrated. He plays extremely fast and complicated drum beats in Stan's death metal band Crimson Dawn.


Jimmy seems to be good at fighting. In "Cripple Fight", he and Timmy engage in a fistfight that is, shot-for-shot, nearly identical to the fistfight scene in the John Carpenter 1980's science fiction film They Live. Timmy and Jimmy become friends in subsequent episodes. Jimmy seems to be the only one who can understand Timmy's limited speech.

Jimmy was using steroids in "Up the Down Steroid", and was shown developing drug-induced 'roid rage", beating up his girlfriend and threatening to kick Cartman's ass. He often uses his crutches as a weapon when fighting, as demonstrated in "Good Times with Weapons". Jimmy was seen fighting with the Fifth Graders during the protest in "1%".

However, in "Casa Bonita", Cartman can easily subdue Jimmy, smashing him against the lockers, but this could be attributed to the fact that it was a surprise attack. Also, in "Truth and Advertising", Leslie Meyers manages to beat him up, although this can also be counted as a surprise attack.

Name Dispute

Jimmy's last name was uncertain; he was known as Jimmy Swanson in "Krazy Kripples", but his name was changed to "Valmer" in "Up the Down Steroid" and all subsequent episodes. This was possibly referenced in "Tsst" when Cartman told him they were best friends, Jimmy asked him "What's my last name?", a question Cartman could not answer.

The South Park Studios FAQ states that the names of many South Park characters, including Jimmy, have changed because of the show's fast-paced production, which results in the original name occasionally being forgotten and replaced with a new one.

Criminal Record

Despite being well-liked and generally nice, Jimmy does have a criminal record. These crimes include:

  • Soliciting for the purpose of prostitution - In "Erection Day", he has sex with a prostitute named "Nut Gobbler" with advice from Butters. As Butters said, "the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina" and Jimmy said to both Red (who was known as "Bertha" in this episode) and Shauna that he "would like to stick his penis in their vagina", we can assume he and Nut Gobbler had vaginal sex.
  • Sexual harassment - In "Erection Day" he asked to have sex with Red and Shauna, despite him having no reason to believe they would want to have sex with him. He even asked both girls twice, despite them saying no the first time.
  • Assault - In "Cripple Fight", Jimmy had a fight with Timmy over a dispute about Jimmy's comedy, which Cartman spread awareness of, even going as far to make an announcement. But this will also be held on Timmy's criminal record. In "Up the Down Steroid", Jimmy violently hits his mother and girlfriend.
  • Drug use - In "Up the Down Steroid", Jimmy took steroids. While this was under the manipulation of Nathan, Jimmy could have declined, so this will also be held on Nathan's criminal record as well as Jimmy's.
  • Gang warfare - In "Krazy Kripples", Jimmy and Timmy become members of the Crips and are heavily involved with their gang operations, including an unintentional robbery at City Wok and the war with the Bloods.
  • Damage to property or vandalism - In "Skank Hunt", he, along with Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Butters Stotch, Tolkien Black, Craig Tucker, and Clyde Donovan, smashed Eric Cartman's electronics due to them thinking that Cartman is Skankhunt42.


Jimmy might have had sex twice, but he has at least had sex once. The first time was with Jimmy's girlfriend (who is unknown). It might have been a lie but nobody knows for sure. The second time was with a prostitute nicknamed Nut Gobbler, the reason Jimmy had sex with her was that he kept getting erections and Butters told him that the only way to get rid of erections was to have sex.

Nut Gobbler

In "Erection Day", Jimmy was afraid that he would get an erection at a school talent show so he went to Colfax Point where he picked up a prostitute nicknamed Nut Gobbler and had sex with her.

Jimmy's Girlfriend

In "My Future Self n' Me", Jimmy, Tolkien, Craig, Clyde, Kyle, Eric, and Stan find marijuana and a lighter on a tree stub. They were going to throw away the drugs. But none of the boys (except for Stan) wanted to throw it away. Stan said quote "You guys those commercials are just exaggerations". Tolkien replies "How do you know? None of us have had any drugs before". But then Jimmy said, "Well, I did ecstasy once. Me and my girlfriend took it, and we stayed up all night having s-s-sex". Nobody knows if he was lying or telling the truth. But after saying that he had sex he was asked where he had sex with her. Jimmy replied with a joke "In her v-v-vagina". The "In her vagina joke" was confirmed as a joke because he smiled while saying it and after Jimmy told the joke he said, "Wow, what a terrific audience".


In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, he becomes a stand-up "woke" comedian who stars in his own late-night show, complimenting people of diverse groups instead of making jokes about them. However, this was no longer the case in an alternate future shown at the end of South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, where Jimmy begins making jokes about "bisexual Canadians". Aside, he no longer stammers frequently.


Jimmy wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He has brown hair with sideburns. He also wears braces and has a rather lopsided face, as well as exotropia. He is also one of a few kids to be depicted with ears. This is observed by the fact that his eyes never move in their sockets. Like Timmy, he is disabled; he has ataxic cerebral palsy, along with equinus (tiptoe gait)[2] and crouch gait.[3] However, he can still walk with the aid of crutches. They seem to hinder his arm use, as seen in "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" when he struggles and is unsuccessful in getting Sharon Marsh a shopping cart.

From "Cripple Fight" through "Super Fun Time", his eyebrows were the same color as his hair. However, as of "The China Probrem", they were black just like other characters his age. He is also able to communicate with people, thоugh with a severe stutter and speaks with a Brooklyn accent. He sometimes ends sentences with "very much", unnecessarily.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, his hair is parted to his left and is graying at the sides. He wears a blue suit with a yellow tie and a light blue shirt, and brown dress shoes. He no longer wears braces, his face is no longer lopsided (albeit retaining the mouth movements), and has a nose. He also has white, futuristic crutches.

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Jimmy's parents Ryan and Sarah Valmer

Ryan and Sarah Valmer, Jimmy's dad, and mom believe that God sent them a handicapped son to punish them for teasing handicapped people when they were in high school together.

When Jimmy started getting erections in "Erection Day", his parents hired a counselor called Dr. Pal to convince Jimmy that these spontaneous erections were a normal phase and nothing to worry about.

In "Die Hippie, Die", Ryan is portrayed as the Chief of the Fire Department.


Jimmy is generally portrayed as a well-liked character in the boys' circle of friends; he has never been hatefully singled out in the school or bitterly discriminated against.

Timmy Burch

Timmy and Jimmy are frequently seen together; they'll often be in the same situation and have the same goals and will work together to achieve them. Jimmy is the dominant voice and decision-maker in the friendship, being the one who can speak.

Jimmy first entered the show in "Cripple Fight", where Timmy was jealous that Jimmy got attention and adoration as the "handicapped kid", a reputation that was originally his.

Timmy presumably ended his jealousy soon afterward; he is friendly and loyal to Jimmy in every following episode in which they're together. They often work together and look out for one another, as seen in subsequent episodes such as "Krazy Kripples" and "Up the Down Steroid".

Eric Cartman

Jimmy appears to be much more permissive and accepting of Cartman than most others. He is also the only character other than Butters (and most adults) to usually refer to him by his first name Eric, suggesting that Jimmy does not dislike or disrespect him. Jimmy and Butters were also the only students who attended Cartman's AIDS benefit in "Tonsil Trouble". However, he has also expressed some dislike of Cartman and has rejected him as a friend, as seen in "The Death of Eric Cartman", where Jimmy agrees to ignore him. He even joins the boys to smash Cartman's electronics when he was blamed for being the internet troll.

Butters Stotch

Based on the one-on-one interactions Butters and Jimmy have had on the show, they seem to be good friends. In "Krazy Kripples", Butters was the only person who went to see Jimmy's comedy show instead of Christopher Reeve's public appearance. In "Erection Day", Jimmy came to Butters for advice on his erection problems, expressing that Butters is the only one he can tell who would not make fun of him for it. The two were also seen sitting together at Cartman's AIDS benefit in "Tonsil Trouble". During Season Fifteen's episode "1%" Jimmy and Butters form the 99% club to protest the Presidential Fitness Test results. They stand outside and picket the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Colorado Division Regional Office, only the media believe they are protesting the Red Robin Restaurant. In "Funnybot", Butters is the only person in the audience who was clapping and cheering Jimmy while everybody else was asleep. In "Going Native", Butters reveals that he does not find Jimmy's jokes funny. In "A Nightmare on Face Time", the two are seen trick-or-treating together. In "Eat, Pray, Queef", Jimmy and the boys visited Butters when he got sick from a queefing abuse by Samantha Dunskin.

Craig Tucker

In "Fishsticks", Craig is shown to have some concern for Jimmy, giving him advice over what he should do about Cartman taking credit for his jokes, telling him, "I like you, Jimmy, but you're not gonna win this. Consider yourself lucky he's only asking for half".

Craig's Gang

Jimmy is often seen as a part of Craig's gang, notably in "Good Times with Weapons" and "Ginger Kids". He is the most frequent fourth member of the group.

The Boys

Jimmy often hangs out with the boys, often filling the place of the fifth member.

Although Jimmy is part of Craig's group of friends in "Good Times with Weapons", he is shown trying hard to get into the boys' group in "Professor Chaos", even bribing them with a basket of gifts and begging to be chosen.




In "Up the Down Steroid", Jimmy had a girlfriend named Nancy, whom he'd met in free period at school the previous week. He beat her up in a testosterone rush after consuming steroids and also accused her of cheating on him. He also beat up his mother when she came to defend Nancy. But Nancy still rooted for him at the Special Olympics, so it seemed like she forgave him.

Nut Gobbler


Jimmy and Nut Gobbler in the streets

In "Erection Day", Jimmy started getting erections, and to stop them in time for the talent show, he had sex with a prostitute who went by the street name Nut Gobbler, after approaching a classmate named Rebecca for sex and getting slapped and called a jerk.

Red McArthur

Jimmy asks Red if she'll have sex with him in "Erection Day". So from this, we can conclude Jimmy had a crush on Red. When he first greeted her she responded enthusiastically and smiled. Although any further feelings for him may be dead since she was not very happy after he asked to have sex with her.


Nathan is shown to have a strong hatred of Jimmy. In his first appearance, he sells Jimmy some steroids, which make him aggressive and beat up his girlfriend and mother. In "Crippled Summer", Nathan tries to kill him as he is sick of losing to him. In "PC Principal Final Justice", he holds Jimmy hostage in his house. Jimmy, on the other hand, is not aware of Nathan's distaste for him, and considers him a friend.

Leslie Meyers

In Sponsored Content, Jimmy is sent to work out Leslie's plan. He falls for Leslie's trap and helps her escape from the Newsmen. When they get to Nathan's house, Leslie beats Jimmy up.

Video Games

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Jimmy plays a small role in the game's storyline and comes out at the end of the "Hell's Pass Hospital" level to inform the player that Jimbo Kern and Ned Gerblansky are in trouble at Stark's Pond, setting the stage for the next level.

Jimmy is the first character outside of the main five to make a prominent appearance.

In gameplay, he is of the same class as Stan, Butters, and Clyde, doing average damage, speed, and range, and his special ability involves using his crutches to create a small tornado and killing all enemies that he touches.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

For more information about this section please see The Bard.

Jimmy plays an important role in South Park: The Stick of Truth, serving as a boss, and later, as a buddy and playable character. His class is Level 10 Bard. In several cutscenes, he stutters badly, and it will continue doing so for a long time, but can be skipped if the player holds down a certain button (or just chooses to wait it out).

South Park: Phone Destroyer

There are five cards featuring Jimmy in South Park: Phone Destroyer, all of which are Fighters.

Storyteller Jimmy is a 3-Cost Epic Fighter of the Adventure theme that sees him dressed as an Indian storyteller, though his outfit in his in-game sprite shows his outfit is made of cardboard. His aura in combat will decrease the Attack stat of all nearby enemies.

Enforcer Jimmy is a 2-Cost Rare Fighter of the Sci-fi theme that sees Jimmy dressed up as RoboCop, even though his in-game does not show him in RoboCop's full clothing, just the helmet and some protective gear. His aura in combat will stop the charging of Charge skills on nearby enemies.

Friar Jimmy is a 3-Cost Common Fighter of the Mystical theme. His aura in combat recovers his and nearby allies HP.

Le Bard Jimmy is a 4-Cost Common Fighter of the Fantasy theme that sees Jimmy in his outfit from the "Black Friday" trilogy and South Park: The Stick of Truth. When summoned, he will damage all enemies and decrease their max HP by a certain amount.

Fastpass is a 3-Cost Epic Fighter of the Superheroes theme that sees Jimmy in his superhero costume from "Franchise Prequel" and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. When he uses his Charge skill, he will charge at enemies in a line. His Charge skill's damage is not reduced if it hits the enemy New Kid.

South Park: Snow Day!

Jimmy is a card dealer during the game, giving out Upgrade Cards to the players. Jimmy can be found just outside the various checkpoints in the chapters. Players may spend toilet paper with Jimmy to upgrade the rarity of a given card, or to reshuffle for a new selection of cards.


Jimmy started as a would-be one-off character but was reworked into an occasional gag character. He eventually became a regular supporting character and arguably the most prominent of the secondary children, receiving episodes focusing on him on a fairly regular basis.


  • South Park: Post Covid - Appears as an adult "woke" comedian with his own late-night show. Assists in investigating the cause of Kenny's death.
  • South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid - Assists Stan and Kyle in their attempt to travel back to the past. He, along with his other friends, were then manipulated by Victor Chaos (Butters) into investing in non-fungible tokens.


  • In his very first appearance in "Cripple Fight", Jimmy was intended to be a one-shot character and "didn't really live in South Park", but Trey Parker enjoyed him so much he was brought back periodically in seasons five ("How to Eat with Your Butt") and six ("Professor Chaos", "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", and "Red Sleigh Down"), eventually becoming a regular supporting character in the seventh season.
  • In "Tsst", his house address is given as 1331.
  • In "Crippled Summer", it is shown that, while unable to walk without crutches, he can stand on his own without any support.
  • Jimmy is a Christian, and possibly a Protestant. He was not seen at the church in "Red Hot Catholic Love", meaning he is not Catholic, but in "Krazy Kripples", he mentions doing "a lock-in at the Rec Center for church".
  • Jimmy was not a regular student of Garrison's class until "D-Yikes!" and "Le Petit Tourette", where he seemingly replaced Pip. However, Jimmy was shown to be in the class in various episodes before this.
  • Jimmy tends to be the more prominent character in his episodes with Timmy. He slowly started to displace Timmy in season 7 and has since become a regular secondary character, whereas Timmy has been reduced to mostly background appearances starting in season 9. This is likely due to more capable characters being easier to develop.
  • Jimmy is usually part of the boys' gang whenever they go past 5 or one of them is preoccupied elsewhere.
  • Although he has an askew face, he is not considered one of The Ugly Kids. The same is true for Timmy. Jimmy was ranked #10 on the girls' list of boys from cutest to ugliest and was ranked higher on the true list.
  • Jimmy has spoken in every season since his introduction in Season Five.
  • Jimmy most likely suffers from Pfeiffer Syndrome, judging from his misshapen head and face, as well as his speech problem. People who suffer from Pfeiffer Syndrome also tend to have underdeveloped feet and teeth, which may explain why Jimmy has crutches and braces. However, his eyes and hands are normal-sized, whereas real-life people with the disorder have bulging eyes and large hands.
  • Despite having a love for stand-up comedy, Jimmy has been depicted less and less as time has gone by, perhaps becoming closer to the boys has cultivated the development of interest in other activities.
  • Jimmy is shown to have a girlfriend at the end of "Skank Hunt", who broke up with him.
  • Like Leslie Meyers, Jimmy maybe, or once, was an ad. In "Cripple Fight", Jimmy uses his stand-up comedy to help attract attention to the bake sale and the "Scouting is for Everyone" movement. In "Freemium Isn't Free", Jimmy is paid to advertise "Terrance and Phillip: Give Us Your Money". This would also explain why Jimmy has such hatred, as well as knowledge, for ads in the Ad Trilogy.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Jimmy has an attack called the brown note which causes enemies to crap their pants, this is a reference to "World Wide Recorder Concert", where the boys use it as retaliation against the New York Kids.


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