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James Phillip Rome is an American sports radio host who appears in the Season Sixteen episode, "Sarcastaball".


Jim Rome is the host of the Jim Rome Show, where he kept a running news commentary on the sport of Sarcastaball. He would interview Randy Marsh who was the coach of Denver Broncos Sarcastaball team, with both sides exchanging sarcastic remarks.

He was involved in a commercial for Butters' Creamy Goo, which would later be discovered that it was essentially semen. A voice-over from Jim Rome was heard while Butters was asleep, commenting about the goo and the fate of Sarcastball, while maintaining his speech pattern.


Jim Rome has short black hair and circular beard. He wears a navy blue business suit with a blue striped tie.


His speech pattern suggests that he was just as sarcastic as other characters in the episode. He usually speaks with short bursts of catch phrases and would change his mind about a subject mid-way while explaining it.

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