The Jim Davis High School Students are characters who appeared in the Season Twelve episode, "Eek, A Penis!".


Cartman posing as "Mr. Carmenez" turns the teacher in one of the Jim Davis High School classrooms to try to teach students how to cheat and help them get to college. Throughout the episode the students learn the lessons that Cartman gives them until they get good marks on the tests. According to the school administrator, Mrs. Miller, the school board was so impressed with the progress of the students that they allowed them take the standardized advanced placement test to earn college credits. Students and Cartman are amazed after discovering that the test will be done in a private room to ensure no one cheats. Twenty-four students somehow pass the test and scored 100%, in the end the students are applauded by their parents.


All Jim Davis High School students are minorities. Most students are teenagers who appear to be in their 16s. Most of them wear bandanas with different colors.


Jim Davis High School students do not seem to respect the school staff, they have been shown to be quite unpleasant, many of them also fight among themselves. At first none of them had an interest in going to college, but after Cartman's classes, they change their minds.

Notable Members

Unnamed Teenager Boy 1

Main article: Teenager Boy with Blue Bandana

This boy wears a light blue tank top, a white collar, a black belt, gray shorts, white socks and white sneakers with black details, and he seems to have white earrings on both ears. He has black hair and wears a bandana which has a dark blue color and white details. He at first did not agree with the lessons Cartman was giving students on how to cheat, but later he gave it a chance.




Main article: Melita

Melita has long brown hair and thin eyebrows, she also wears black mascara and has a tattoo on her right arm. She wears a short-sleeved red shirt, dark blue pants and red sneakers.




Main article: Rodriguez

Rodriguez has dark brown curly hair and wears a red collared T-shirt with white stripes and the sleeves go up to his elbow. He also wears gray trousers and gray shoes with black details and white socks. Rodriguez wears a badly fitting red cap with a white ball in the middle and a pale green border.

Unnamed Teenager Boy 2


This student has black hair and wears a white shirt under a dark blue coat, dark blue pants and dark yellow shoes. He seems to be in his 16s.

Unnamed Teenager Boy 3

This student has big curly black hair, big ears, some facial hair and a beard. He wears a black shirt under a pale green hood, gray pants and red sneakers. He seems to be in his 19's. He seems to be of Asian origin.

Unnamed Teenager Boy 4


This student wears a brown shirt under a blue and white plaid jacket, beige pants and black shoes. He has black hair and wears a large bandana that covers half his eyes. He seems to be in his 12s since he is smaller than most other students.

Unnamed Teenager Boy 5


This student has brown hair and one of his eyebrows has two flaws. He wears a white shirt under a beige jacket with green and black details.

Unnamed Teenager Boy 6


This student has short brown hair, small eyebrows, large ears and a pig nose. He wears a white shirt under a black jacket and gray pants.


Eduardo was quoted by Melita while she was talking to Cartman but was not shown. It is unknown if he was one of the nameless boys shown above

Unnamed Teen Girl 1


This girl has black hair combed and two earrings on her ears. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt, a yellow collar and gray pants.

Unnamed Teen Girl 2


This girl has short curly black hair and wears a black black shirt and a yellow necklace. She also wears black glasses and a red bandana with white stars.

Unnamed Teen Girl 3


This girl has long black hair and a double chin. She wears a gray hood and dark yellow pants.

Unnamed Teen Girl 4


This girl has black hair and wears blue eyeshadow. She wears a white shirt under a dark blue jacket, black pants and black shoes. She also has two large gold earrings in her ears and is very short.


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