Jim Davis High School is a fictional Inner City school which appears in the season twelve episode, "Eek, A Penis!". The school is named after creator of the comic strip "Garfield", Jim Davis. This is a parody of Garfield High School from Stand and Deliver.

When Cartman is left in-charge of Mr. Garrison's 4th Grade Class after, Kenny suggests that that the class steal the answers for the next test out of Garrison's desk. This results in the entire class getting 100%. Principal Victoria is impressed with Cartman's 'methods' and the school board asks him to try and teach some inner city kids at Jim Davis High School. The school is a stereotypical inner city school, which looks abused, under funded, and run down. The student body is predominantly made up of assorted street tough minorities, who apparently hold no sort of respect for the staff, or their administrator Mrs. Miller. However, Cartman, posing as Mr. Carmenez, teaches his algebra class the art of cheating like white people, and manages to turn their lives around by giving them the ambition of cheating their way to a better life.

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