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Episode no. Season 16
Episode 4
Production no. 1604
Original airdate April 4, 2012
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For the creature of the same name, see Jewpacabra (Character).

"Jewpacabra" is the fourth episode of Season Sixteen, and the 227th overall episode of South Park. It aired on April 4, 2012.[1]


The town's big Easter Egg Hunt is in jeopardy when Cartman produces video evidence of a mysterious creature lurking in the woods.[1]


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Plot details follow.

Kyle Broflovski is seen waking up and getting cereal. While walking towards the table, Kyle realizes his mother is talking to Cartman about Passover. Kyle angrily tells him to leave; Cartman obliges, but not before telling him about a creature that is set to make Passover very memorable.

Afterwards, several children are seen signing up for the Sooper Foods-sponsored Easter Egg Hunt. Eric Cartman is seen warning several boys about the "Jewpacabra", a monster that preys on children during Passover, which happens to be the same week as Easter this year. This upsets Kyle, who proclaims that only liars or stupid people would believe in a Jewpacabra.

Butters is shown in his bedroom, frightened over the possibility of the Jewpacabra's existence. Shortly after this, Cartman appears in his room. After speaking with him, Butters agrees to go look for the Jewpacabra. After this, Butters is seen in the forest with Cartman, attempting to lure the Jewpacabra out with its anti-Jesus Christ "mating calls".

Cartman is seen at Sooper Foods, attempting to get the business owners to cancel their Easter Egg hunt, or rather just allow him to participate, because of the danger of the Jewpacabra. After showing them a supposed video of the creature, Mr. Billings, the Sooper Foods president, decides to give Cartman all the resources he needs in order to capture the creature. After abusing this to go to a water park, he takes the supposed video to cryptozoologists, who misguidedly confirm its validity, scaring Cartman.

Later that night, Cartman is seen in his bed, scared at the possibility of a Jewpacabra actually existing. Later, Cartman is seen in the South Park Church, with Butters Stotch, Craig Tucker, and Tolkien Black guarding the entrance. After hearing something being knocked over, the boys run, leaving Cartman inside the church. Something begins to attempt to get in, frightening him. It turns out to be Mr. Billings and his employees, who kidnap him, dress him up in a bunny suit, and leave him in the park.

Mr. Billings and the employees are seen at Kyle's door, telling him that there is a sacrifice at the park, to appease the Jewpacabra. Kyle later goes to the park, telling Cartman if he admits the Jewpacabra isn't real, he'll free him. In his fright, Cartman admits that he truly believes one exists, causing Kyle to leave without freeing him.

Afterwards, Cartman is seen in the park through a pair of what appear to be red, slanted eyes. However, it is revealed that they are simply binoculars being used by the cryptozoologists, who mistake Cartman for a "Bunny-man." They tranquilize him, later leaving with the intention of getting a show on Animal Planet about their supposed encounter.

Cartman is shown in Ancient Egypt, where the biblical plagues are taking place. Kyle is shown to be within this dream as well. Cartman questions Kyle on the plagues, who reveals that they are happening because the Pharaoh will not let the Jews go. Cartman says he will attempt to get the Pharaoh to let them go, however, Kyle objects, saying that God will "harden" the Pharaoh's heart, so he will not be able to be convinced.

Cartman attempts to convince the Pharaoh, who turns out to be his father, to let the Jews go, however, he fails in this attempt. After witnessing several Jews slit the throats of lambs and several children dying by the hands of the Hebrews' God, Cartman and the Pharaoh realize they were wrong. Cartman promises to be Jewish, shortly before his head explodes.

Kyle, after his conscience got the best of him, frees Cartman and takes him to his bed. Later, at the Easter egg hunt, Cartman is shown attempting to convince everyone to convert to Judaism, seemingly have converted himself. After failing, he attempts to sympathize with Kyle, saying he finally understands how he feels about being laughed at because of his religion. Kyle learns that Cartman has actually learned his lesson, and nonchalantly responds out of heart and forgiveness. While positive music plays in the background, the scene rises to a shining sun with a Star of David at its center.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Jewpacabra" a "A-" rating saying: "The episode, like so many before it, rests on Cartman’s anti-Semitism, which is one of the show’s trademarks, a source of humor that's funny because of how ignorant Cartman is. The writers make it clear that even as he’s smart enough to put together some huge, complex schemes, he’s still a racist kid that completely misunderstands what he’s racist against (a clear poke at all racism, really). The show simply takes it to such extremes that it loses its power to be offensive and becomes absurdly funny. And, more often than not, Cartman never obtains his goals, his schemes backfiring.

Still, it’s a solid episode. On first viewing, I thought the episode seemed a bit disjointed, careening from the Jewpacabra storyline to the dream sequence, but after a second run-through of the episode, it actually works really well. It feels like two separate ideas for the same episode crammed into one, but it manages to work thanks to the show's absurd humor, some great lines, and a brisk pace. The episode also stays squarely focused on just Cartman and his plight (whither Stan and Kenny?). Even when other threads are brought in, like the Finding Bigfoot fun, it's only a touch that serves the main story, rather than detracts from it. It’s not perfect, and it’s probably not an “all-time great,” but it’s a rollicking episode with plenty of great moments that's the best offering of the new season thus far."[2]

IGN gave "Jewpacabra" a "6.5" rating saying: "Overall, it's just a bit disappointing that this episode never reached its full potential. "South Park does Passover" sounds like a dynamite synopsis on paper, but the whole thing just lacked focus, which ultimately led to nothing in particular. There was just a little too much going on in each scene with no dedicated theme to speak of. Even the Jewpacabra element kind of fell by the wayside in favor of some trippy flashback to ancient Egypt -- an entertaining bit, for sure. But why was it there? (I will admit, the slaughtering of the lamb had some hilarious imagery.)"[3]


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