The Jewbots are a group of Jewish robots that appear in the Season Thirteen episode "Fishsticks".


When Kanye West and his goons tie up Cartman and Jimmy after he finds out they wrote the Fishsticks Joke, Cartman tells Kanye how they came up with the joke. An imagination scene is shown with Cartman and Jimmy trying to come up with the joke right before the town gets attacked by a group of Jewbots. Cartman sets himself on fire, flies up into the air, and shoots out a flame with his hands onto the Jewbots, setting them on fire.


The Jewbots wear Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jewish attire, including twisted payots, black hats with Hebrew writing of "חי" ("Alive") on them, and scarves. Some of them have the Star of David emblazoned on their chests or on their scarves. They either have long black beards and long eyes or small red eyes. Most of them are seen to be holding shotguns or have a small gun on their arms.

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