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The Jesus and Pals Producer appeared in the Season Two episode, "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka".


She is the producer for Jesus and Pals, Jesus' reality talk show on South Park public access television. When Jesus and Pals go into a rating war with Jimbo and Ned's Huntin' and Killin' show, Jesus is not too concerned but she would do anything to improve the show's ratings. Under her influence, the show gets increasingly raunchy and inappropriate. A commercial for Jesus and Pals: Too Hot for TV! features topless bikini-clad women and guests yelling obscenities.

After Jimbo and Ned learn that the Mexican Staring Frog is not real, Jimbo, Ned, and the boys star on Jesus and Pals. During a break, the producer goes behind Jesus' back and tells Jimbo to lie that Stan is a drug addict. A fight breaks out on the show and Jesus finds out the truth. He then fires her and sends her to Hell, where she meets Satan and Saddam Hussein.


She is greedy and corrupt; compromising truth and morality for the sake of getting higher ratings and earnings.


The Jesus and Pals producer has light brown shoulder-length hair, visible eyelashes, red lipstick, and is visibly aged. She wears a pair of brown sunglasses on her head, a green shirt, and a dark green skirt with a side slit.


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