Jesus and Pals is a talk show seen on South Park public access television, hosted by Jesus. On the show, Jesus receives calls from viewers and answers their questions, referencing prayers. He usually gives a reference to the Bible or scripture after each commercial break. He also allows visitors on the show.


Stan Marsh uses the show to try to get advice sometimes, with questions such as "If your Grandfather asks you to kill him, is it okay? Like an assisted suicide?" and "Is homosexuality okay?" Usually, though, Jesus is cut off or simply refuses to answer the question, the same way Chef breaks out into explicit song whenever the children ask him for advice.

In "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", Jesus and Pals goes into a ratings war with Jimbo and Ned's "Huntin' and Killin'". The producer tries to make the show more modern for the audience. Jimbo, Ned and the boys star on the show after Jimbo and Ned learn that the frog wasn't real. During a break, the producer tells Jimbo to say that Stan is a drug addict. Chaos breaks out in the studio and Jesus finds out the truth. He fires and sends the producer to hell, where she meets Satan and Saddam Hussein.

Kenny McCormick guest stars on Jesus and Pals for being the kid that will do anything for money in "Fat Camp". The show has not been seen since.



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