Jennifer "Jenny" Simons is a female student at South Park Elementary. She made her first appearance in "The List", as a co-chair of the List-making committee and a member of the counterfeit list conspiracy. She played another major role in the episode, "Bass to Mouth".


In her first appearance in "The List", she was co-chair of the list-making committee and helped forge the list to make Clyde Donovan the most popular boy in order to get shoes with all of the other members, except for Wendy Testaburger, who later foiled the plot with Stan Marsh. Although she isn't seen often, the fact that she is co-chair of the List Committee may mean that she is part of the "popular girls" clique. She came up with the idea to make a list of liars so nobody would believe Wendy.

Her other major appearance is in "Bass to Mouth", in which her full name is revealed. Cartman tricks her into eating a cupcake filled with laxatives, which makes her defecate in class. Following this incident, Jenny attempts suicide by jumping off a roof, but survives the fall with a broken pelvis. In "Bass to Mouth", she was put on suicide watch, however, she has presumably been taken off suicide watch, as she was seen as a new member of the cheerleading squad in "Cartman Finds Love".


Jenny has long black hair; compared to Wendy Testaburger, her hair is shorter and her bangs are a bit longer. She wears a light blue jacket with dark blue trim, dark blue trousers, and a large purple headband. In "Cartman Finds Love", she was seen wearing purple gloves outside.

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Jenny has a relatively complicated personality. In "The List", she is shown to have no guilt/remorse over undermining a friend as well as several boys' reputations in order to benefit herself, hinting at a lack of empathy, although, aside from Wendy Testaburger, the rest of the girls were doing the same, so her actions could have been due to deindividuation as her future appearances contradict her being remorseless.

However, she also seems to still be relatively nice and naive, in "Bass to Mouth." Although she seemed to know about how mean Eric Cartman is, she felt guilty for refusing to like him back and turning him down after he offered her a cupcake and apologized because "[that] was mean" and accepted the cupcake. She also seems sensitive to social harm as shown by the fact she tried to kill herself from the torment and ridicule after defecating her pants due to a laxative spiked cupcake prank. Fortunately, the suicide failed.

Since her suicide attempt, Jenny has been seen in "Cartman Finds Love", where she is seen as a new member of the cheerleading squad and is good friends with them.

From all this info we can tell that her personality is naive, nice, and socially sensitive, like an ordinary girl her age.



Lola is Jenny's best friend. They are seen sitting together at the Pleases & Sparkles club in "The List", and Jenny defends Lola from Wendy's lashing out by stating that they'll generate a "biggest liars" list and put Wendy at #1.

They are also seen walking home together in "Cartman Finds Love" and later gossip about Kyle's rumored homosexuality whilst on the cheerleading team.


  • In "Bass to Mouth", she has been revealed to have a boyfriend who called her, "Soft-served Simon". However, the mention of her boyfriend is never brought up again. This could mean either she broke up, or a boy falsely claimed he was in a relationship with her.



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