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The Jehovah's Witnesses are two Polynesian women who appear in the Season Seventeen episode, "Let Go, Let Gov".


In the episode, the women go around the neighborhood to try to spread their religion. They show up at Butters' house with a Bible and some pamphlets, claiming that the way most people interpret the Bible is wrong. The woman in purple does most of the talking. She hands a pamphlet to Butters that has a drawing of a girl on fire. Butters had just gone to the Department of Motor Vehicles to confess his wrongdoings, believing that the government is watching him. He then tells the Jehovah's Witnesses that they should not hand out drawings like that as the government is watching everyone. He convinces them to pray to the government and confess at the DMV instead.

They go on to convert other people such as Craig Tucker and Officer Barbrady to do the same. With people repeatedly going to the DMV to confess, a worker gets mad that people are having fun there. However, at the end of the episode when Butters convinces Cartman to join the congregation, that worker becomes optimistic that the DMV can become a comforting place where people can get things off their chests. Unfortunately, the DMV is shut down shortly after due to child molestation.


Both women have darker skin and more realistic faces with detailed noses and ears. They have squinty eyes typical of Asian South Park characters and appear to be middle-aged. The woman on the left has short dark brown hair and is overweight. She wears glasses and has thick lips. She wears a red short sleeved dress and holds a Bible. The woman on the right has long black hair and a large mole on her face. She wears a purple floral shirt, a long black skirt, and holds some Jehovah's Witness pamphlets. Both women wear black ballet flats. They speak with a strong accent and language errors typical of Asian South Park characters.

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