Jeffy's farmer is the owner of Jeffy who first appear in the Season Eight episode, "You Got F'd in the A".


After Butters refused to join Stan's dance troupe, he and his dance troupe went to Jeffy, the farmer's dancing duck to replace Butters, the farmer started singing the "Jeffy's Song" to show Stan that the duck could dance to any song he knows, which are all about drug abuse, sex and domestic violence.

He also appears in the episodes "Erection Day", "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", "Follow That Egg!" and "W.T.F." as a background character.


The farmer is an old man with gray hair and wears a green cap with "FARM AIDS" written on it and a white shirt under a pair of light blue overalls with various dirt marks. He has a visible tooth when he is not speaking.



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