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Jason White was a student at South Park Elementary known for his love of sports. Though he has rarely spoken, he was a part of the boys' extended circle of friends, often seen with the members of Craig's Gang.

He was first seen briefly at lunch in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", but he wasn't fully introduced until "Professor Chaos". His family was introduced in "Splatty Tomato", including his outspoken father Bob White, his mother Mrs. White, and sister Crystal. He is voiced by Trey Parker.

Though he was ran over by a police car in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Season Finale" and killed off, he has appeared in the background of multiple subsequent episodes on the playground, attending school assemblies and in the lunch room. These appearances are extremely minimal and more than likely to be an oversight given he was previously a very prominent background character. [note 1]


Jason was first seen in the cafeteria during "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" as a background character, in a shot that was reused in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" with some basic dialogue, but he otherwise made no appearance in the early seasons. A revised version of the character was introduced in "Professor Chaos" as a candidate for the boys' new fourth friend, making it past the first cut, though he has no dialogue in the episode itself.

He made his first speaking appearance in "South Park is Gay!", where he is depicted as part of the same clique as Craig Tucker, Tolkien Black, and Tweek Tweak, all wearing matching outfits as metrosexuals, joining in when they bully Kyle Broflovski for being too straight. He makes his only appearance in Mr. Garrison's classroom in this episode.

He and Tweek are seen walking down the hall together in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" when the girls invite them to Bebe's party, suggesting both boys would make for a "great three-way".

He was one of the children invited to witness Kyle's transformation in "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", expressing disbelief.

He was seen as part of the group who helped recover the "future telling device" in "Marjorine", waiting with Timmy Burch outside the containment center for the rest of the boys to return and expressing concern football games wouldn't be fun to watch if they already knew the game's conclusion.

He is also one of the members of the boys' class involved in trying to capture the leprechaun in "Imaginationland", openly expressing his surprise when they manage to capture it.

In "Breast Cancer Show Ever" and "Elementary School Musical" he is sitting with the main boys in the cafeteria and their extended friend group, including Craig, Tolkien, and Jimmy. In the latter episode, he explains what High School Musical is and expresses disbelief at the kids' lack of familiarity with the fad. He is also seen playing on the South Park Cows basketball team.

He can still be seen as part of the boys' extended circle eating pizza with them in "Margaritaville" and at Cartman's viewing party in "Eat, Pray, Queef", in both appearances alongside the other five members of Craig's gang. After this season, he began to appear less often among the boys' extended group.

Beginning in "Butters' Bottom Bitch", he is frequently seen at lunch sitting with Scott Malkinson, Daniel Tanner, and some other male background characters.

He is among the group of gullible boys who are manipulated by Cartman in "It's a Jersey Thing" to help him trap Kyle at Sizzler, alongside Butters Stotch, Bill Allen, Fosse McDonald, Bradley Biggle, and DogPoo Petuski.

Jason was also present at Cartman's sleepover in "The Last of the Meheecans", acting with DogPoo Petuski as one of Cartman's chief Border Guards.

He and the other former football team members become members of the new Cows sarcastaball team in "Sarcastaball".

In "The Hobbit", he walked past Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger in the hallway at the same time she mentioned Jason having freckles.

Beginning in "Sons A Witches" and most episodes since, he is prominently seen sitting at a lunch table directly behind the main boys or in one instance, the girls' table.

Jason's family was finally introduced in "Splatty Tomato", when his father Bob White and mother Mrs. White are seen comforting his sister Crystal White at home and later visiting PC Principal to complain that the school is too liberal and causing his kids to be afraid of the President. When they summon their children, Jason appears and looks at the floor and does not speak throughout the scene. When his parents later try to free the President at the end of the episode and his family summons him, he similarly looks at the ground and does not speak. He appears submissive to his parents in both instances.

In the commentary for the episode, Trey describes the character briefly and his family:

"I really like the Whites... I think we'll probably keep the Whites around... cause um... it was just that idea that there's a family in town that we've ignored for a long time... and actually if you see this- the White's son there is the little Jason character, we've actually had since Season One, and we've never named him or said who he was- he's part of the Whites, and that's part of the Whites always getting ignored. Um and so, just that, having a family being able to be like 'well nobody cares what the Whites think!' and you know, I think that's definitely a family we'll be seeing again next season."

His official DNA overview at the SP and Me website described him:

You're friendly but mysterious. No one knows much about your personal life, and you're just fine with that. At the same time, people with Jason White DNA also secretly wish they'd be given the spotlight every so often. Even just once. Please.

He has often said to resemble and be based on Jason McHugh, who was featured with Trey Parker and Matt Stone in Cannibal! The Musical and Orgazmo. The Primus Tracks podcast used an image of the South Park character to promote an episode interviewing Jason McHugh.


Jason's next major appearance was in "Season Finale" where he is seen playing football with the other boys in the park, rushing into the street to catch the ball as Eric Cartman tosses it, getting hit by a police car in the process, to the horror of his classmates. His family was seen holding a sparsely attended funeral where he was eulogized by Father Maxi, discussing his playful nature and love of sports, and his own father, who complained that nobody seemed to care that a 'White' was killed by police, and complaining that now there were 'less Whites'. Cartman, claiming he was close with Jason, directs the Whites to a border facility, where they take the opportunity to adopt another child, Alejandro White. Mrs. White compared them unfavorably, pointing out Jason never tried to rebel against their authority such as by making long-distance phone calls. They also cite Jason's passing as a motivation to buy more marijuana from Tegridy Farms.

In "The Big Fix", Jason could be seen at school on the playground playing tether ball and in an assembly raising his hand to indicate he knew Tolkien's correct name. He is fully animated in both sequences, unlike previous oversights like Betsy Donovan, and was not removed from the uncensored cut of the episode. He has since been seen in similar scenes in additional episodes.[note 1]

Criminal Record

  • Assault: In "South Park is Gay!", Jason was among the boys who beat up Kyle at the playground for not conforming to the metrosexual fad that had swept the town.
  • Indecent exposure: Jason was one of many boys who participated in Butters' Wieners Out movement in Season Twenty, which involves boys exposing their genitals at school.


Jason was known for his playful nature among the townspeople, and seemed well-liked among his classmates, frequently invited to larger gatherings or to play games. He participated in many of the other children's role-playing games, playing along under even Cartman's authority as a Border Patrol agent in the Texans vs. Mexicans game and dedicating himself to the role of an elven shopkeeper in the boys' fantasy role-playing game. He was especially known for his love of sports, however. He was known as a member of both the South Park Cows' basketball team as well as the football and soccer teams, and had a reputation for enjoying playing sports in his free time as well, joining the kids for games of football on the playground and at the park. He also expressed once that a football game would be less fun to watch if knowing the outcome in advance. At his funeral, Father Maxi observed it was his playful nature with sports that lead to his untimely death.

Jason seemed embarrassed or intimidated by his father's outbursts, remaining silent and often looking down or away from him, though he was evidently surprised when his father pulled out a weapon. He is never seen speaking in his parents' presence. He was also evidently obedient to their demands, as after his death, his mother remarks that he did not use his phone outside of designated phone hours. His family was later shown hitting their subsequently adopted child, Alejandro White for misbehaving, suggesting Jason's reluctance to speak and obedience may have been a result of similar abuse.

Jason's quiet nature stood in contrast to his parents, who were known for their outspoken nature among the other adults, and often seemed to prefer following the other students, like Craig Tucker, and seemed concerned about what was popular, expressing his surprise that the boys were unfamiliar with High School Musical and citing its popularity with their age group. He often spoke up when expressing disbelief or surprise, such as when the boys succeeded in capturing a leprechaun, or when Butters Stotch exposed himself at a volleyball game. He often appeared rather stoic or expressionless in serious situations however, even compared to other background characters, watching blankly when Kenny gets crushed to death by the Giant Reptilian Bird or when Snooki sinisterly appears behind Cartman during "It's a Jersey Thing", in which everyone appears to be concerned apart from him.

Cartman observed in his opinion that Jason "couldn't catch" and suggested that he had been clumsy, blaming this for his death being ran over by police officer's vehicle when he tried to catch a ball Cartman had thrown in the street, although this could be seen as avoiding blame for Jason's death considering Cartman was the one who threw it.


Jason has dark brown hair with noticeable sideburns and a high forehead with a receded hairline. He wears a purple jacket and a pair of blue jeans, which were originally orange. In "The Hobbit", Wendy mentions that he has freckles. He is briefly seen with a full head of hair in "Skank Hunt".

In terms of attractiveness, Jason is ranked #5 on the rigged list for the cutest boys, created by the girls in "The List". In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", Sally Turner states that Jason has "a huge bulge", and Annie Knitts says that he would be great for a three-way with Tweek Tweak.

His unusual appearance has been said to bear a resemblance to Jason McHugh, who has worked with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on past projects Cannibal! The Musical and Orgazmo.



Jason, with Kevin and Francis.

Jason's friendships and relationships were never well-defined in his appearances. He was most notably a member of Craig's Gang during the metrosexual fad in "South Park is Gay!", and was still seen alongside them in larger gatherings with the boys such in the cafeteria during the twelfth season such as "Elementary School Musical", eating pizza in "Margaritaville" at Cartman's viewing party in "Eat, Pray, Queef", and at a sleepover in "The Last of the Meheecans".

His closest friend may have been Tweek Tweak. Both boys appeared in Craig's Gang during the metrosexual fad, and then were no longer with them in "Good Times with Weapons", but continued to appear together. They were seen together most notably when they were invited together to a party at Bebe Stevens' home during the Stupid Spoiled Whore fad. They are also next to each other in "Marjorine", "Night of the Living Homeless" and "Imaginationland". He also may have been friendly with Tolkien outside the group, as they were both on the same Cows basketball team together. Tweek was noticeably more upset with Jason's death than their other classmates present.

Cartman once referred to himself as "pretty close" with Jason, and they seemed to be friendly. Jason was among the boys who helped him to trap Kyle at the nearby Sizzler during the Jersey invasion effort, where DogPoo Petuski and Bill Allen were also present. He and Dogpoo were also both invited to play Texans vs. Mexicans at Cartman's House, where they both served as Border Patrol agents for Cartman. Dogpoo was also present for Jason's death. He also played with Bill on the basketball team and appeared next to him in "The Hobbit" when Wendy discussed the boys' flaws. He and Bill both joined Tweek in the PlayStation 4 Army in "Black Friday".

He was also often seen nearby or talking with Kevin Stoley, implying a possible friendship, such as at Cartman's House in "Marjorine" or during the volleyball game in "Wieners Out".

In "Skank Hunt", Emily Marx is seen breaking up with him toward the end of the episode. Prior to this episode, they can be seen talking to each other in the hallways in various episodes.

Staring in "Butters' Bottom Bitch", he has usually been seen sitting with background children such as Scott Malkinson, Tommy Turner, and Daniel Tanner in the cafeteria.


  • Jason: "Yeah, we need a weedkiller." from "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
  • Jason: "This playground is for metrosexuals, macho man!" from "South Park is Gay!".
  • Jason: "Go, go! Get in the containment field!" from "Marjorine".
  • Clyde: "Ask if the Broncos are gonna win on Sunday."
    Jason: "No dude, then it won't be fun to watch!" from "Marjorine".
  • Jason: "How can it be nothing but trouble?" from "Marjorine".
  • Jason: "Dude, I'm open!"
    Cartman: "You can't catch!"
    Jason: "Dude, I'm wide open!" from "Season Finale".

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Jason played a minor role in the game as a member of the Drow Elf faction, tending the armory at the Elven Kingdom and acting as the faction's merchant. You have to buy equipment from him to befriend him. This is one of the few times he speaks, and the only time you interact with him in the game, though he appears in the cutscenes throughout. Jason says, "Any ally of the Elf King is an ally of mine! And my shop is open to you." He can also say "We elves craft the finest shit in the land" if you go to his shop again.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

He can be found in the Raisins restaurant next to Louis Handler. The New Kid can get a selfie with him if they have at least one active brutalist ability. He will then follow the player on Coonstagram when a selfie is attained and talk about how he believes one of the Raisins Girls is his girlfriend.




  • At the time of his final appearance, he had eleven speaking appearances and was mentioned in at least five episodes in which he did not speak.
  • A person looking similar to Jason was seen in the fifth grade line in "Lice Capades".
  • He is one of the only fourth graders to have his ears visible.
  • Jason is the only minor 4th grader to have lines in "The Unaired Pilot" and "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
  • Jason died in the same episode number as the season where he made his official appearance in South Park- "Season Finale" (season 23, episode 6), and "Professor Chaos" (season 6, episode 6).


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