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Jason Bell is a grocery store clerk who first appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Toilet Paper".


In "Toilet Paper", he sells several packages of toilet paper to the boys. Despite the suspicious amount of toilet paper, he instead warns the boys about chewing gum. After the boys toilet paper Mrs. Streibel's home, Officer Barbrady investigates and calls in Jason to identify the toilet paper.

When Jason arrives at the police department, he is immediately disgusted at the sight of the decaying toilet paper. He eventually identifies it as being sold from his store.


Jason wears brown shoes, teal pants, a white shirt with a red vest, and a blue apron. His apron features several pens and pencils, as well as his name tag. He has auburn hair and a blond mustache. In "A History Channel Thanksgiving", he is referred to as "Chet" and doesn't have his mustache.



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