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Jared Fogle appeared in the Season Six episode "Jared Has Aides", in which he encourages the people of South Park to lose weight. He claimed that this was the result of a diet where he only ate Subway sandwiches, but later admitted that he actually had help from his assistants, who he referred to as his 'aides'.


He later appeared in "200" as one of the celebrities suing the town. He and Phil Collins were sent by Tom Cruise to pick up Muhammad, but they are killed when their limo is blown up by Ginger Kids.

Jared made a cameo appearance in the Season Nineteen episode, "Stunning and Brave". He was seen trying to catch Syrian Refugee Children at the PC Delta fraternity house, satirizing the controversy over his outing as a child sex offender and losing his sponsorship at Subway.


Jared wears a blue, striped shirt, brown pants, and a brown belt with a golden colored belt buckle. He has brown hair and thick, brown eyebrows, and wears glasses.



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