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Janice is a woman who appears during South Park (Not Suitable For Children). She is Roger Donovan's girlfriend after his wife and Clyde's biological mother, Betsy Donovan, passed away in "Reverse Cowgirl".


She is shown to be Roger's new girlfriend following the death of Clyde's biological mother. Janice makes multiple attempts to try and get Clyde to communicate with her and tries to act as a parental figure towards him, however, Clyde constantly dismisses her and makes the argument that she is not his real mother.

Clyde, upset that he is the only student at school without any Cred, tries to get her and Roger to buy him the drink. She and Roger tell him that the drink is unhealthy and is not suitable for children, and Clyde gets agitated and yells at Janice about how she is not his real mother.

When Clyde and the rest of the Cred Affinity Group stumble upon Randy throwing away all of his Cred and talking about the negative impacts of social media, he points out that the kids should think about who is trying to influence the most. Clyde then goes home and screams at Janice about causing the whole Cred infatuation, she explains to him the troubles of being a stepmom and that she just wants to be a good influence towards him.

Clyde asks her if he can call her "Mom", before deliberately screaming "Fuck you, Mom!", much to Janice's relief.


Janice bears a slight resemblance to Betsy Donovan. She has light brown hair and wears gold earrings. She also wears a light orange vest with a white long-sleeved undershirt, a light blue skirt held up by a light brown belt and black dress shoes.


Roger Donovan[]

In her debut appearance, she is shown to be Roger's current girlfriend.

Clyde Donovan[]

She is seen trying to act as a motherly figure towards Clyde, much to his annoyance. Janice points out that she associated herself with the fad about Cred in order to get Clyde's attention and to get him to communicate with her more.