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Janet Reno was the 78th United States Attorney General, under Bill Clinton's government. She appeared in Season Four episode "Quintuplets 2000".


The Romanians want to bring the Quintuplets back to their country, they seek Janet Reno for help. Reno decides to carry out a military operation on Easter Sunday, which involves herself. She dresses like a Easter Bunny, they drops her into the Marsh Residence from a helicopter. After hopping in, she throws an Easter egg filled with tear gas in front of the Quintuplets. Later on a wacky shoot-out takes place and set the house to explode, Reno and her SWAT team successfully escape with the Quintuplets.

The boys call all protesters together and break into the base where Reno temporally stays, she gets smashed by Sharon Marsh during the fight. The Quintuplets are eventually taken away by Oprah Winfrey, leaving Janet Reno upset.


Janet Reno has gray hair, dyed brown, narrow eyes (slightly different from Asians'), very large nose. She wears a pair of huge glasses, earrings, she also uses lipsticks and blushes. She normally wears a blue suit, but changes into a pink Easter bunny costume(with assault rifle) when extraditing the Quintuplets. Her voice pitch is very low, sounds more like a man.


  • "Look, people have it so good in America that they get bored very easily. And when people get bored they start protesting things."
  • "Happy Easter! Hand over the children!!"