James is the shopkeeper of the Build-A-Bear Workshop in the Season Twenty-Four episode, "The Pandemic Special".


In the episode, Butters is extremely frustrated that his planned trip to Build-A-Bear has been continuously delayed due to COVID-19. Stan decides to break out all the students quarantined in the school so they can take Butters to Build-A-Bear. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman take Butters there. Despite having made an appointment, they arrive only to see James closing the store. James explains that the store has to be closed because someone with a mustache entered.

After James leaves, a desperate Stan breaks into the store and unsuccessfully attempts to build a bear for Butters.


James has longish dark brown hair, brown eyebrows, and a visible nose and ears. He wears a mask on his chin, a white Build-A-Bear polo tee, tan pants, black shoes, and a dark blue apron. He wears a name tag with his name James and a Build-A-Bear employee card from a lanyard around his neck.

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