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Episode no. Season 3
Episode 4
Production no. 305
Original airdate June 16, 1999
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"Jackovasaurus" is the fourth episode of Season Three, and the 35th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on June 16, 1999[1].

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While Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are camping in the woods, Cartman discovers a species that was thought to be extinct. This species is very annoying, and everyone in town except Cartman wants to get rid of them.


At Stark's Pond, the boys are camping out. After a song about how much he hates the other boys, Cartman needs to take a crap. Cartman is forced to go in the woods. While crapping, a strange creature shows up and the boys end up chasing it to Jimbo's house where it becomes trapped in a cage.

Meanwhile, inside the house; Ned has lost his voicebox and Jimbo phones to order him a new one. Afterwards they come outside where the boys are and discover the find; a female Jackovasaur. After taking the creature to City Hall, a meeting takes place with the Department of Interior. Mayor McDaniels decides that they need to look after this nearly extinct species.

Soon afterwards, another one, this time male, is discovered and the town tries to convince the two Jackovasaurs to mate. Only after making them a house to live in and leaving them alone to have sex, they realize that they have no genitals. The city calls for the help of Dr. Mephisto, who at his lab takes a sperm sample from the male Jackovasaur named Jackov, and places it inside the female Jackovasaur named Hope. Hope soon becomes pregnant.

After a huge litter of Jackovasaurs are born, everyone apart from Cartman finds them annoying. The Department of Interior leaves, and makes Cartman an official member giving him authority (or authoritahh) over all living things in and around South Park.


A Jackovasaur

The Mayor organizes a gameshow which will send Jackov and 50 of his closest relatives to France in order to get rid of them. The game is against Officer Barbrady, who surprisingly wins due to the stupidity of Jackov. The Mayor declares Jackov the winner anyway and they are sent straight to the airport.

Stan and Kyle are sent to distract Cartman; to keep him from stopping the Jackovasaurs from leaving. They get him to inspect a strange type of deer (Kenny wearing antlers) in the mountains as an official member of the Department of Interior. Cartman soon discovers the plan, and runs to the airport. A bear then pounces on Kenny and kills him.

Cartman tries to stop the Jackovasaurs from leaving but it is too late. Ned has finally got his voicebox and gives a small speech to Cartman, but his voicebox is that of a posh voice, and the one before was Irish leaving him unsatisfied.

In France, the Jackovasaurs quickly make themselves at home. Jakov then trips and crashes into a cafe, much to the French people's amusement and remarks on how he reminds them of Jerry Lewis.


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