For the episode, see "Jakovasaurs".

Jakovasaurs are strange duck-like creatures who appeared in the episode "Jakovasaurs". They were thought to be extinct, but were rediscovered by Eric Cartman while on a camping trip with the other boys. The Jakovasaurs had a short-lived sitcom.


After the town aided the Jakovasaurs to successfully reproduce they realized just how annoying they really were and disposed of them by sending them with similar annoying, clumsy and loud people by placing them on a flight to France. The French enjoyed the clumsy antics of the Jakovasaurs and let them stay in the country.


Jakovasaurs are large yellow creatures with either pink or blue lips. Male Jakovasaurs, such as Jakov, have green lips and females, such as Junjun, have pink lips.


  • The Jakovasaur was created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in response to Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks; whom they viewed to be a loud, annoying, clumsy creature that was meant to be funny, but wasn't. Additionally, female individuals have the same speech pattern as Jar Jar.
  • The name Jakovasaur sounds like a combination of the phrase "jack off" which is slang for masturbation and the word "dinosaur" though they are shown to have no genitals.
  • They reappear as enemies in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!.


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