Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley is an activist widely known as the QAnon Shaman. He appears in Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special".


QAnon members in South Park are rounded up in the basement of White Residence for a message from their alleged "Chosen One". Bob White interprets his insult "blow shit out of your dickhole" as a message to relay their conspiracy theories to children, kickstarting the Tutornon organization. Jake Angeli is assigned to teach Scott Malkinson. He explains to Scott how the pedophilic Hollywood Elites abduct and kill children to obtain adrenochrome from their blood to stay in power and control the masses. Frightened, Scott shouts for his dad.

Scott is successfully brainwashed by Jake as he later joins the children's arm of QAnon, Lil' Qties.

Jake later appears outside South Park Elementary preparing to fight the Kommunity Kidz to prevent them from administering vaccines to the school faculty.


Jake Angeli has a full brown beard and has red, white and blue face paint. He wears a shaman headdress and blue pants that are torn on the left. He carries a revolver and an American flag defaced with the "Q" symbol.

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