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Jacob Hallery is the poorest student at Greeley Elementary.


He made his first appearance in "The Poor Kid", during Eric Cartman's first day at the school. Cartman was under the impression that both he and Kenny McCormick were the poorest students in their new school until some of Kenny's new friends told him about Jacob Hallery.

Relieved and overjoyed he was not the poorest kid in school, Cartman ecstatically proceeded to perform a twenty-minute song and dance with 47 "Yo mama's so poor" jokes cruelly directed exclusively at Jacob, concluding with a fireworks display.


Jacob has matted brown hair and has dirt and bruises on his face and arms. He wears a red shirt, which is dirty, torn, and doesn't fit him. He wears grey pants that are ripped at the knees and ankles. He also wears white socks and mismatched shoes. Although he can be seen eating a moldy piece of bread, Jacob appears to be severely malnourished, as he is shown to also have extremely skinny arms.


He appears to be weak, both physically and mentally. He hardly reacts to Eric's taunts, besides looking a little more dejected than usual. Jacob doesn't seem to socialize with anyone since he is always by himself.


Jacob's father passed away five years ago, causing his mother to fall into depression. As a result of her depression, his mother cannot hold down a job, leaving them destitute.

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