Jack Tenorman was Eric Cartman and Scott Tenorman's father. He appeared in "Scott Tenorman Must Die."


After Cartman bought the pubic hair of Scott Tenorman in "Scott Tenorman Must Die," thinking that it was the means by which to reach maturity, he makes several fruitless attempts to get revenge on Scott. After several failed attempts, Cartman creates an elaborate scheme in which he uses Scott to convince his parents to "save" a pony from being slaughtered at Farmer Carl Denkins ranch, having told Denkins in the meantime that Jack and his wife were both a pair of demented pony-killers who should be shot on sight. When Scott's father Jack and his mother attempted to save the pony, they were shot dead by Denkins. While he filed a report to Officer Barbrady, Cartman gathered their bodies and then proceeded to grind them up and feed them to Scott as chili.

The fact that his parents were murdered and that he later ate them, drove Scott Tenorman completely insane. In "200" and "201," it is discovered that during his time in a mental institution, Scott began to research Cartman's history in the hopes of exacting revenge upon him. During his research, Scott discovered that his own father Jack Tenorman had played right tackle for the Denver Broncos during his younger years, and that during the night of the Drunken Barn Dance, he had sex with Cartman's mother Liane resulting in her getting pregnant with Eric.

It is unknown whether or not Jack was ever aware of the pregnancy. However, Liane seemed to have informed the rest of the town. Due to the fact that the Denver Broncos had been having a really good year, they all believed that revealing that Jack Tenorman having a bastard child could distract him from the football season. As such, when Eric years later, attempted to discover the truth about his father in "Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut" and "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut," the entire town covered up the truth and altered the paternity results, and told Eric that his mother was in truth his father, due to her being a hermaphrodite.

After discovering this, Scott Tenorman resurrected the Ginger Separatist Movement that Cartman had once created, in order to use them in an elaborate scheme to reveal the truth to Cartman in the hopes of demoralizing him. Scott's plan worked, but not in the way he intended: Cartman was horrified by what he learned, but not because he had his father killed and fed him to his half-brother, but because he was half-Ginger.


Jack Tenorman was a team member of the Denver Broncos, so it was assumed when he played football professionally, he wore the team uniform. When he wasn't playing football, he wore a teal shirt and black tie. He had red hair, red eyebrows, and a red mustache.



The Denver Broncos in "Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut"

  • Before the revelation of Jack Tenorman being Cartman's father, it was believed that Liane was the father, as she supposedly had both female and male genitals at the time of the Drunken Barn Dance.
  • Jack Tenorman has red hair, but normal colored Caucasian skin, making him a "daywalker" ginger, like Kyle.
  • It was hinted that a Denver Bronco was Cartman's father in the episode "Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut." They are again hinted at in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut," in which the announcer is heard asking, "Who is Eric Cartman's father? Is it the Denver Broncos?"



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