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The J&G Shopping Network appears in the Season Sixteen episodes, "Cash For Gold" and "A Scause For Applause", albeit very briefly in the latter. The company buys jewelry made at India Manufacturing Inc. and sells it at exaggerated prices.

In "Hummels & Heroin" the channel was re-branded as "The Hummel Shopping Network".



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Dean is the host of the J&G Shopping Network's "Jewelry Bonanza". He uses various, manipulative techniques to get elderly people to buy the network's jewelry. Near the end of "Cash For Gold", he kills himself at the urging of Stan and three elderly people.

Methods of Sale

The network uses very manipulative techniques to entice elderly viewers to buy their jewelry. They are documented here.

  • Rapid Price Dropping - The products are initially severely overpriced, however, the prices are lowered quickly, albeit still overpriced.
  • Logic Manipulation - The network preys on the elderly's weaker minds, using techniques such as renaming their "EZ-Pay" system to "E-Pay". They claim that the renaming will save the viewers over nine hours if they attempt to say "E-Pay" five-thousand times.
  • Lying - They claim that various items are worth more than they are selling them for, including faux sapphire, turquoise, and various other gems that are, in reality, worth very little.