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This page contains trivia for "It's a Jersey Thing". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • When Osama bin Laden was watching the peace video Randy Marsh sent him, it showed the Jersey Shore intro, with Snooki in her monstrous form.
  • The music played in the Jersey Shore intro Osama bin Laden was sent in aired version of this show is different from the music played on South Park Studios' version of the episode.
  • Cartman says that Kyle has the three J's, Jewish, Jersey and Ginger. This is quite clearly erroneous; ginger would have to be spelled phonetically (i.e., "jinjer" or "jinger") for this statement to be true.
  • The working title for this episode was "New Jersey". This was later changed to "It Came From Jersey" and was later finalized as "It's a Jersey Thing".
  • The title for this episode later became a meme used to explain actions frequently shown by people from New Jersey.

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode was inspired by the recent interest in reality TV shows about people from New Jersey. Several shows are satirized with parody versions of people in the shows:
    • Jersey Shore
      • Snooki is the nickname of Nicole Polizzi. The character is modeled after the alien in Steven Spielberg's movie E.T.:The Extra-Terrestrial and Snarf from the cartoon Thundercats.
      • "The Situation" is the nickname of Michael Sorentino.
      • Kyle's Jersey alter ego is based on cast member Pauly D
      • Sheila's Jersey alter ego is based on Jennifer "JWoww" Farley.
      • Kyle punching Snooki may be a reference to a scene on the show where Snooki was punched by gym teacher Brad Ferro after she accused him of stealing drinks from her and her friend, which caused controversy.[1][2]
    • The Real Housewives of New Jersey
      • Joe and Teresa Giudice appear as dinner guests of the Marsh family and new neighbors. Teresa is later seen at the SP Salon.
      • Cast members Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and Danielle Staub appear as customers at the SP Salon. Their poor attitudes displayed on the episode, including their fighting, are largely satirical of their on-screen personalities in the real life show.
    • Jerseylicious
      • The salon scene is a parody of a reality show about a salon in New Jersey. The scene includes a salon similarly laid out to the Gatsby Salon in Jerseylicious, along with a similar logo.
  • Speaking to a "confession cam" is a common trope in reality shows based around New Jersey.
  • Just seven months after being shot in the head by a paratrooper in "It's a Jersey Thing", Osama bin Laden was found and killed by US Navy SEALs in Pakistan via a shot to the head on May 1, 2011.
  • The video Randy gave to Osama bin Laden is labeled "The Shaw Redemp", which is a reference to the film The Shawshank Redemption.
  • When Kyle Broflovski transforms into a "Jerseyite", it is reminiscent of the classic films Teen Wolf and An American Werewolf in London.
    • Kyle's Jersey alter ego is also based heavily on the role Michael Landon played in the 1957 film I Was a Teenage Werewolf as a troubled teenager. This idea came rather late into production.
  • When Randy considers asking Al-Qaeda for help, Stephen objects on behalf of the families of the victims of 9/11, saying that their feelings matter "for another ten months", a reference to the fact the episode aired less than a year before the tenth anniversary of the attacks.
  • One of the news anchors in this episode is named "Tan Jovi". This is a reference to singer Jon Bon Jovi, who is from New Jersey, and his band Bon Jovi.
  • In this episode, Randy warns Emperor Akishino that the Japanese will be eating hoagies in a month if they do not help him. A "hoagie" is a Philadelphia / southern New Jersey slang word for a sub sandwich.
  • The scene with the townspeople's huge barricade on South Park from the Jersey invaders and when Randy waved the flag saying "No Jersey", this has a similar reference to Les Miserables.
  • Real life restaurant chain Sizzler is shown in the episode.


  • This is the second episode to feature Osama bin Laden since "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants".
  • This is the second time that Kyle has made Cartman cry, the first being in "It's Christmas in Canada".
  • Bill Allen and Fosse McDonald return in this episode.
  • This episode marks DogPoo Petuski's second speaking role, the first being in the Season Six episode "Professor Chaos".
  • According to "Jared Has Aides", it takes 22.3 years for a tragedy to become funny and acceptable to laugh about. Stephen Stotch says that the 9/11 victims' families' feelings still matter for another ten months, a month short of the ten year anniversary.
  • This is the second episode in which Osama bin Laden has been killed, the first being "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants".
  • The bartender from Skeeter's Bar returns from the Season 13 episode, "W.T.F.".
  • Sheila Broflovski is revealed to be from New Jersey in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Kyle Broflovski's conception took place in New Jersey.
  • This marks the second episode so far where Cartman honestly thanked Kyle, the first being "Le Petit Tourette".
  • The weapons that are passed around to the townspeople of South Park to defend themselves from the Jersey invasion are bayonet-fitted muskets and Henry repeaters. Similar weapons were used in the episode "The Red Badge of Gayness".
  • When discussing having neighbors from New Jersey at the sizzler, the boys are sharing a large basket of fries. Stan and Kyle have milkshakes and Cartman has a sundae, while Kenny just has a glass of water, furthering the example of his family's lack of funds.
  • The terrorists from the Imaginationland Trilogy return in this episode.


  • When Cartman is telling Stan how to get rid of his new neighbors in Sizzler, one of Kenny's French fries completely disappears.
  • When Randy is waving the flag for the first time, Mr. Adler is seen with a rifle. However, a moment later, he is seen shooting a revolver.
  • Randy calls the Japanese Emperor by the name 'Akishino' instead of 'Akihito'. Akihito was the Emperor in real life at the time of production, while Akishino is his second son.
  • During Kyle's Jersey transformation at his house, at one point, he rips off his sleeves. However, in the next shot, they are intact.
  • During Kyle's Jersey transformation at Sizzler, his eyebrows reshape without the use of a tool such as a razor like how he shaped them at home.
  • At one point during Kyle's confrontation with Snooki, he points his fingers up in the air and rings can be seen on his right hand, even though in his transformation, he only put rings on his left hand.
  • During the flashbacks of Sheila's days in New Jersey, a photo is seen of her wearing a cross. She is known to be Jewish from birth.
    • Though, wearing a cross can be used simply for fashion, regardless of religion.


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