Israel is a country in the Middle East and the homeland of the Jews and Jesus Christ. It first appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "Ginger Cow".


In "Christmas Time in South Park" the Broflovski family members are singing about Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday celebrating the Jews' victory over Hellenistic Greeks and Seleucid Syrians against the practicing of Judaism in the conquered "Province of Judea", the homeland is referred by Jews to as "Land of Israel".

Israel is mentioned in "All About Mormons", the recaps of Joseph Smith's lies which led to the creation of Mormonism stated that Moroni, a Native American angel, had shown up in front of him and told him that he's white because "Long ago all Native American were white. We all came to America from Jerusalem. And while we were here we were visited by Christ. Eventually, my people were all killed by the other tribe of Israel, and as punishment, God turned their skin red. These are the Native Americans you know today", despite Archaeological claims of Native Americans arriving at the Americans from Asia about 18 thousand years before present.

Israel is mentioned by Kyle Broflovski when he's talking to Father Maxi about his trauma from seeing the Jews' depiction in Mel Gibson's movie in "The Passion of the Jew" ("Well, I have this friend, see? And this friend belongs to a certain, Chosen People of Israel. And it... so happens that these chosen people killed your Lord.").

In "A History Channel Thanksgiving", Israeli born American actress, Natalie Portman, stated that she had finished her BA degree in Israel ("in the [Hebrew] University of Jerusalem").

In "Ginger Cow", Cartman creates a cow with a red afro and red spots. After it is discovered that this "red heifer" is part of a religious prophecy, leaders from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (3 Ultra-Orthodox Jews from Israel who arrived at South Park Elementary) have the cow sent to Israel for sacrifice. The three religions unite in Jerusalem to form one Van Halen symbol and proceed to rock out in a massive concert. It is later revealed that the red heifer was the result of a miracle, contrary to the prophecy, and thus destroying world peace.

In "Not Funny", an American Army Officer tells the newly elected President Herbert Garrison who was considering what to do about Denmark that "the Israeli Prime Minister is (awaits to speak to him) on line 3".

In "Board Girls", Israel can be seen in the last board game played about the Cold War.

In "South ParQ Vaccination Special", an Israeli airline can be seen delivering the COVID-19 vaccines to all the adults in town due to Israel's vaccine surplus and QAnon.

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