Isla is a student at South Park Elementary. She first appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Marjorine". She can also be seen watching the Jonas Brothers perform live in "The Ring" and later be seen sitting with the popular girls' clique in "Insheeption". She appears again seasons later and plays a much more significant role in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Doubling Down", where she and the other girls take Heidi out to dinner to celebrate her break up with Eric Cartman, but later begin to tease her and make her feel guilty. She plays another major role in the following episode, "Moss Piglets", where she is portrayed as one of the victims of Heidi's bullying.


Isla has wavy, shoulder-length dark brown hair, with a lock of it hanging down the center of her forehead; identical to Kal's. She wears a red sweater with green pants.

When dressed for bed, Isla wears a red nightgown with white lace trim.


In the episode, "Doubling Down", Isla imitates Cartman to mock him and his relationship with Heidi, and does so near perfectly. This suggests that like the other girls, Isla may have a personal vendetta against Cartman, and speaks of him rather harshly.

In "Moss Piglets", another, more prominent aspect of Isla's personality is shown. She becomes deathly afraid of Heidi since the latter's transformation, and speaks of her very carefully to avoid conversing with her. She is shown to be timid, perturbed, and silences and submits herself easily to whoever she feels intimidated by. Her sudden shift of personality from witty and facetious, to delicate and fearful between "Doubling Down", and "Moss Piglets" could be directly influenced by Heidi's mistreatment, and imminent joy of targeting her.



In "Skank Hunt", Isla is seen breaking up with Brimmy toward the end of the episode.



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