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Isiah Jordan is a one-off character seen briefly in the Season Fourteen episode, "You Have 0 Friends". He is Jewish, likes Bee Movie, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Upset that being friends with Kip Drordy has caused him to lose many of his Facebook friends, Kyle seeks help from Cartman. The two go online to a website called ChatRoulette, a video chatting site. About to give up after seeing so many men performing sexual acts, the two eventually connect to Isiah. He notes he also had seen many disturbing images, was glad to have met Kyle and Cartman, and agrees to become friends with Kyle.

When Kyle joins Stan's party at Café World, his Facebook profile meets Isiah's profile. Unfortunately due to being him being friends with Kip, Isiah deletes Kyle as a friend and ignores him, citing him to be bad friend stock.


Isiah has wavy, brown hair. He wears a brown jacket with orange patches and a green t-shirt with a yellow design on it. He also wears eyeglasses and a blue yarmulke with orange and white triangles. The personification of his Facebook profile is stylized blue with a blue yarmulke.


  • Isiah is left-handed, as seen by the position of his mouse and keyboard.


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