The Inuit are native Canadians that appear in "Royal Pudding".


In "Royal Pudding", the Inuit helped Ugly Bob, Ike Broflovski, and Scott the Dick find the princess. At first, Scott thought that the Inuit had taken the princess, however, the Native Canadians told the group that they hadn't, but knew who had: Tooth Decay.

Scott said he once paid an Inuk to give him a blowjob once, but all she did was rub her nose on his penis for 45 seconds and ask him to pay up.

In "Weight Gain 4000", when Wendy Testaburger writes about intelligent dolphins, Eric Cartman says "If Dolphins are so intelligent, why do they live in igloos?", confusing dolphins with Inuit. Cartman then says "Dolphins, Eskimos, who cares?! It's all a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap!"


  • The Eskimos speak Navajo instead of their traditional language.
  • In Canada, 'Eskimo' is a derogatory term to refer to the Inuit as it effectively means "eaters of raw meat", though it is a corrupted word that comes from similar Algonquian derivatives. This reinforces Scott the Dick's prejudicial tendencies when he referred to the Inuit characters as 'Eskimos'.
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