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"Informative Murder Porn"
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Episode no. Season 17
Episode 2
Production no. 1702
Original airdate October 2, 2013
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"Informative Murder Porn" is the second episode of Season Seventeen, and the 239th overall episode of South Park. It aired on October 2, 2013.[1]


The boys use the game of Minecraft as a distraction to keep their parents from hurting each other.[1]


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Plot details follow.

During fourth grade class, Wendy Testaburger gives a speech on Syria. Eric Cartman starts booing her and she asks Herbert Garrison to do something. Mr. Garrison, not paying any attention, thanks her of her report and moves on to the next report by Peter Mullen. Peter tells the class about the "Informative Murder Porn" their parents are watching. He also tells them that it will lead to their parents killing each other.

At the Marsh Residence, Stan Marsh hears his mom, Sharon Marsh, and his dad, Randy Marsh, having sex. He knocks on their door and after confirmation, goes in. As his parents try to look casual, he looks at the TV and finds that they were watching "murder porn". He asks them about it and they tell him that it is a documentary show that parents like. He is satisfied with this response and leaves.

Later that night, Cartman calls Stan and asks if he knows Aaron Hagen. Stan responds that he does, and Cartman tells him to come down to his house because Aaron’s father has killed his mother.

At the Hagen Residence, Stan joins the rest of the boys as Aaron's mom and dad are taken out of the house, making Aaron cry even more. His father, naked and covered in blood, shouts that a black burglar is responsible for the murder as the police take him away. The incident causes the boys to become deeply concerned.

The next day, at the Community Center, Kyle Broflovski holds a town meeting with the rest of the children of South Park. They discuss the killing and its connection to "murder porn" shows. Butters Stotch comments that he called the company putting this "smut" on the air and that they told him to spend more time with his parents, implying that he is at fault for their interest. Wendy attempts to comment that she agrees with Cartman, but Eric starts booing her again. Kyle interrupts to tell everyone about an app that serves as a parental lock and has a password only a child would know.

That night, at the Marsh house, Stan's parents start to fool around when Stan blocks the channel. Randy, confused and unable to answer the security question: "How do you tame a horse in Minecraft?", calls the cable company. They inform him that their children probably locked them out. Randy, naked, asks Stan how to tame a horse in Minecraft. Stan tells him that they do not need to watch "murder porn". Randy tries to argue with Stan by assuring him that he would not kill Sharon because he would leave too much evidence, and mentions that he has been “thinking about it a lot”. Stan does not respond, leading Randy to angrily declare he would rather have Jaden Smith as a son.

The next day, at the Get Cable Company, Randy and other adults are discussing their kids blocking the "murder porn". Stuart McCormick tells Randy that the Get Cable company is useless and are not helping. Randy, next in line and angry, speaks to an employee. The employee tells him that there is nothing he can do, while rubbing his nipples with pleasure. Stephen then informs the parents that he knows of Corey Lanskin, a boy who will teach parents Minecraft if paid.

Later, the parents go to Corey Lanskin's house to learn Minecraft. He initially refuses, but the parents then offer him 100 ounces of silver. Corey ushers them in quickly and begins to teach them the basics of Minecraft.

That night, at the Marsh house, Randy is still playing Minecraft, while Sharon lays in bed, tired.

The next day, Jimmy Valmer tells Kyle that the parental lock is not working. Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak each claim to have caught their parents watching “murder porn” shows. Suddenly, Cartman diverts their attention to Butters, who tells the children that he watched his dad kill his mom. As he explains what he saw, it becomes apparent that he is talking about Minecraft. Kyle comes to the realization that someone is teaching their parents Minecraft.

Back at the Marsh Residence, the police ask Randy if he has seen anyone digging holes and building unwanted forts; acts of vandalism typical on Minecraft multiplayer servers.

Later, at the community center, the kids are again meeting to discuss their dilemma. Many are angry because their parents are not only still watching "murder porn" shows, but are now ruining their online experiences in Minecraft as well. Cartman suggests it may be possible that Mr. Hagen murdering his wife had nothing to do with "murder porn" shows. Wendy again attempts to agree with Cartman, who again boos her for no reason. Suddenly, the police appear to be telling them to come out. When they do, however, they find that the police are there for Stephen Stotch, who has built a huge castle on the roof of the community center. Randy appears with a pickaxe and mocks Stephen’s castle. This pushes the children to act quickly.

The next day, the boys go to Corey Lanskin’s house to ask if he has been teaching the parents Minecraft. He initially denies their accusations. However, Cartman notices that a phrase Corey uses is identical to what he would say if he was lying. After investigating, the boys discover Corey teaching Minecraft to adults in his basement. They inform him of their plans to use Minecraft to stop their parents watching spousal homicide television, and Corey informs them that if they wish to protect their family, they should go to the cable company.

Later, at the Get Cable Company, the boys confront the employee from earlier. He takes obvious sadistic pleasure in making everything as difficult as possible. The boys ask for his supervisor who also displays the same sadistic pleasure, and the employees begin rubbing each other's nipples. When Stan mentions that it would bum their parents out if they could not watch their "murder porn", the sadistic cable company decides to drop the networks, and place them within a deliberately inconvenient packaging system.

Later, after a family argument, Randy and Sharon meet in Minecraft and proceed to kill each other's characters repeatedly with great pleasure.

Critical Reception[]

AV Club gave "Informative Murder Porn" a "B+" rating saying: "Again: This is nothing new for South Park, but I think it’s wrong to look at this viewpoint as either anti-establishment or hopelessly cynically. Rather, South Park generally posits that it would be really nice to simply trust people to live their own lives, if only people weren’t stupid enough to constantly earn the mutual distrust of each other. Trying to stave off their own impulses will simply displace, not disperse, those desires. And who is to say what makes those impulses inherently “bad” or “good”? It’s a constant struggle, and one that South Park constantly confronts. Randy and Sharon are okay for now. But the show constantly checks back in on them, season after season, just to make sure they are still okay."[2] gave "Informative Murder Porn" a "7.8" rating saying: "After last week's season premiere, South Park's "Informative Murder Porn" was noticeably better, and depicted a simple but effective premise. The laughs weren't particularly gut-busting, but the jokes were nevertheless humorous and intelligent."[3]


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