The Indian Burial Ground was first seen in the Season Two episode, "Spookyfish".


In "Spookyfish" - Flo Kimble buys Stan a pet fish from Indian Burial Ground Pet Store. The Boys attempt to return the pet to the store and find a portal to an alternate dimension.

In "Marjorine", Stephen Stotch buries the supposedly dead Butters in it in order to revive him from the dead. When Butters' eventually returns, being alive the whole time, his parents believe him to be an impostor.


  • It is a parody of the Micmac Burial Ground, behind the real Pet Sematary, from Stephen King's Pet Sematary.


  • "Spookyfish" - A pet store was built on the burial ground, resulting in a portal to another dimension being opened.
  • "Marjorine" - Butters' father buries the supposedly dead Butters here.
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