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India Manufacturing Inc., located in India, is a factory seen is Season Sixteen episode, "Cash For Gold".


Since buying and reselling jewelry had become so popular, Eric Cartman and Butters traveled to India in order to buy the cheap jewelry at the source. Once there, they found Stan, Kyle, and Kenny already at the manufacturing plant. Cartman accuses them of trying to "fuck him" out of his business but the other boys only want to return the bolo tie for a refund. A small Indian boy tried to give Stan a gold necklace that he does not want. The boy then places the necklace in a box and it is shipped around the world which begins the cycle of how the cash for gold industry works.


India Manufacturing Inc. is a sweatshop where children work in extremely poor conditions. They make cheap jewelry bought from a smelting plant in the United States that is, in turn, bought it from Cash For Gold Stores.

The outside of the building is lime green and the air around the town looks very polluted.

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