Not to be confused with the United States Border Patrol which serves as a different Homeland security agency.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Generally known and abbreviated as just "ICE") is a federal agency in charge of enforcing immigration laws including detaining and processing deportations of undocumented aliens. It was founded in 2003 by George W. Bush as a response to the September 11th, attacks.

Notable Appearance

The agency is known for appearing the Season Twenty-Three episode "Mexican Joker". The episode mocks the agency and President Trump's order to cut down on illegal immigration for separating children from their parents.

In this episode, the Officers of I.C.E first raid the Stotch residence to arrest Diego (Stephen's gardener) as the agency received "an anonymous tip" that he was living undocumented. Stephen is outraged with I.C.E arresting him and Diego's family is seen sobbing and pleading the agency to let him go.

As soon as Eric Cartman realizes he can also file a report, he targets Kyle by falsely claiming that there were undocumented immigrants living in the household. As they rang the doorbell, Ike opened the door and begins crying as ICE immediately enters the Broflovski's property. The agency arrests all household members including Sheila, Gerald, Kyle, and Ike. The officers separated all four members from each other.

Later in the episode, I.C.E members Jeff and Dave are seen welcoming the children to the ICE Detention Center for minors.

The ICE bus

In "Band in China", an ICE bus can be seen retreiving Kyle and Cartman to South Park.

Notable Members

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