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  • As stated in the commentary, this trilogy of episodes is intended to be a substitute for a second South Park movie. Indeed, home video releases were made that included Imaginationland one through three separately to the regular release of the entire season, though the Season 11 release still included these episodes. The decision to make three episodes rather than another movie is likely because both the first film and Team America proved difficult to produce while also making the show so this chronology of episodes was made instead.
  • This is the only episode of the Imaginationland trilogy that Kenny appears in, as he would not appear in the two next episodes.
  • This episode, along with the other two parts of the trilogy, won a 2008 Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or more)". This is the first and only time the show has been nominated for this particular award category, as well as the show's third overall Emmy Award.
  • The terrorists were speaking Arabic with a Syrian accent.
  • In the scene where the terrorist is holding a Care Bear's head and screaming threats into the camera, he is actually saying, "Can you please give me pine nuts with my syrup drink?"
  • At one point during the creation of this trilogy, South Park Studios considered making it into a feature film. Later, it made its way into a DVD with extra scenes that were not shown in the original airings.

References to Popular Culture

  • Superman - The title sequence "Kyle Sucks Cartman's Balls: The Trilogy".
  • Dragonheart - A voice like Sean Connery and the dragon who rescues the boys after the terrorist attack.
  • Saving Private Ryan - The scene in which Stan is crouched under the giant mushroom right after the suicide bomber explodes is an almost shot-by-shot recreation of a scene from the movie. The scene is mimicked right down to Ronald McDonald re-enacting the infamous shot of a man picking up his own dismembered arm off the ground.
  • The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - In the scene where Rockety Rocket has met his death, the "barrier" that separates the good and the evil sides of Imaginationland begins to crack. The Mayor of Imaginationland states, "They are coming." This is a direct reference to Gandalf's translation of the dwarf runes prior to the fellowship's oncoming battle in Moria.
  • Stargate - The Imagination Doorway, military base and Kurt Russell being hired to go through it are references to the 1994 movie.
  • Rambo: First Blood - In the last scene of the episode where Cartman is getting a ride from the trucker, Cartman is dressed exactly like Sylvester Stallone's character "Rambo", green Army jacket, red undershirt, and brown traveling bag and fingerless gloves. Cartman quotes the movie line "When a man has been wronged, he no longer cares about danger."
  • The Patriot - Cartman's final line,"You go through life being told there's justice, then you learn the only real justice is the justice you take", is a reference to a line made by Mel Gibson's character Benjamin Martin.
  • The Abyss - When Kyle is revived by Cartman.
  • The man who brings the boys to Imaginationland, and likewise his balloon, are a parody of the once popular Dreamfinder character from the now closed attraction Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT Center's Journey Into Imagination pavilion, which was open from 1983-1998.
  • Butters' final plea with the terrorists before they unleash Rockety Rocket is reminiscent of Rodney King's appearance during the 1992 Los Angeles riots to ask, "Can we all get along?"



  • Despite turning ten in the episode "Casa Bonita", Sheila Broflovski says Kyle will soon be nine years old.
  • When Stan and Kyle were talking over the phone, they switched places.
  • The Marine general wears both the 4 stars on his shoulders signifying his rank as general as well as a staff sergeant insignia on his sleeves.

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