Ike Moisha Broflovski birth name Peter Gintz, is a character in South Park. He first appeared in the very first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". Ike is Kyle Broflovski's adopted younger brother from Canada. He is easily recognized by his baby body, small beady eyes, and Pac Man-like head which flaps up and down whenever he speaks, used as a recurring joke depicting Canadians in South Park. Ike's voice has been provided by various children, usually relatives of show personnel due to the "small window when children sound adorable before they sound like little assholes" described during the commentary of "Trapper Keeper". He has also been mistaken for both a Trash Can and a Table Post.

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Ike's macaroni art.


Ike appears to idolize his older brother. He has often tried to follow him to school as shown in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" and "Cancelled". He often copies the words Kyle has said, even obscenities, as shown in Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Conversely, one of the few examples of Ike getting angry at Kyle occurred when Kyle interrupted Ike's news program and changed the channel. Kyle has a superficial malice towards Ike, but in several episodes, most notably "Ike's Wee Wee", it's shown that Kyle does indeed love his brother. In "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", Ike was angry with Kyle because Kyle tried to break up his affair with the Kindergarten teacher; in fact, he is clearly heard saying, "You are dead to me, Kyle!"

Ike often tries to pronounce words, but fails. However, in the episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", he can say "penis" and "vagina" quite clearly and in "Canceled" he tells Kyle to "suck my balls". Despite his intelligence, Ike often replies to questions with random answers. Some of Ike's random statements are "cookie monster", "Ring Around the Rosie", "I pooped my pants.","I don't like medicine", and various nonsensical burbling. Statements like these tend to serve as catch-all phrases and non sequitur answers to questions Ike is asked. Even in a heated argument with Kyle in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", Ike can clearly be heard saying, "Ring Around the Rosie!" in an angry tone.

In the fourth season, it is revealed that Ike is a genius, and is sent to kindergarten early. Proof of Ike's genius is visible in many later episodes. He composes sheet music, reads John Steinbeck, and watches "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" every night. In "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" he expertly played the harmonica when Kyle hid him in the attic, and in "Smug Alert!", Ike finished several of Kyle's sentences when the boys tried to tell their father that he is becoming alienated from his friends. In the same episode, when offered LSD, Ike asked for "3 hits". He also once made a perfect replica of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" out of macaroni as a project for his Jewish camp, which completely offended his unimpressed troop leader. Later he is seen in the Presidential Crime Syndicate as a demolition specialist and computer hacker in "About Last Night".

In "Stanley's Cup", the South Park Pee-Wee hockey team hires Ike to join their team based solely on the fact that he is Canadian. To the other members of the Pee-Wee team, Ike seems to be a very good player, due to the fact that he can hit pucks into the goal, while the other members can't.

Ike is at times very aware of things going on around him from trying to reconcile with his brother to auditioning for Cartman's boy band to flipping Cartman off when he doesn't make the cut. Ike was also aware of how unpopular he initially was with his kindergarten classmates, who were jealous of the fact that he was admitted at only age three. However, he rallied enough support to force a tie in the election for class president, finally winning when his opponent (who was fed up with all the negotiations and meddling by his aunt Rosie O'Donnell) conceded defeat.

Ike has falsely attempted suicide twice, once in "Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy" and again in "About Last Night" (but that was only to get to the hospital computers, when he was hired by both McCain and Obama).

In the episode "Fatbeard" Ike joins Cartman's pirate crew and goes to Somalia with him, because he grew tired of his home life. However, when he and Butters hear the story of a real Somalian pirate, who tells them they shouldn't want to be a pirate and that they should be happy with their lives in America, he wants to go home again. This is amongst one of the first episodes where Ike's dialogue is actively coherent to the audience throughout the entire episode as opposed to nonsensical comments.



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According to his parents in "It's Christmas in Canada", Ike's birth name is Peter Gintz. In "Ike's Wee Wee", it is revealed that his full name is Ike Moisha Broflovski, as written on his grave.

Ike is a nickname from the Hebrew name Isaac and may also be a play on words from the Jewish slur Kike.


Ike was adopted by Gerald and Sheila Broflovski. Ike's birth parents, Harry and Elise Gintz, (who had christened Ike "Peter") gave him up for adoption because Canada had been "devastated by the Cola Wars" and thus were unable to raise a child.

This fact was introduced after the flappy heads and beady eyes were established as Canadian traits in the world of South Park. Since Ike was designed with both, the creators decided to make Ike adopted and Canadian by birth.


Kyle is known to punt Ike like a football after saying "Kick the baby!", to which Ike responds, "Don't kick the (Goddamned) baby!"

Because he's a genius, Ike was accepted into kindergarten early. There, Mr. Garrison nominates him for class president, Ike's opponent is Filmore. The vote is tied, as a little classmate of theirs named "Flora" (spoofing Florida's role in the 2000 US Presidential Election) can't make up her mind and Rosie O'Donnell showed up to demand that her nephew Fillmore be the class president. Eventually, Ike's opponent gives up, and Ike becomes class president (to which he can only exclaim (loudly), "I pooped my pants!").

At one point, Ike has an affair with his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Stephenson, during which he having lost his virginity also becomes the youngest person on the show to do so. They planned to run off to Milan (to which Ike replies, "Yay, Mulan!", confusing Milan with the Disney character Mulan). Before they left, Kyle helps him come back to his senses. As Ike and his teacher are on the roof of a hotel, they both run to the edge, but Ike skids to a stop. Ms. Stevenson doesn't, and leaps to her death.

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Ike giving Cartman the finger in "Something You Can Do with Your Finger".

In a plot involving his Canadian heritage, the Canadian Prime Minister, with the help of the Canadian critic (and Terrance and Phillip nemesis) Scott, passed a new law forcing Canadian parents to take back children they put up for adoption; this included Ike's birth parents. However, when the Prime Minister was revealed to be Saddam Hussein, his new laws were repealed, and Ike went back to his adopted family.

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In the episode "Stanley's Cup", Ike is on a Pee-Wee hockey team coached by Stan Marsh. He joins the team simply because of the fact that he is Canadian, and thus as a stereotype must be a superior hockey player. According to Kyle, Ike was not allowed to be play because of how dangerous it was and their mother's fears, yet Stan promises that Ike will be okay. However, the team plays in place of the Colorado Avalanche, and Ike, along with the other children, was injured badly by the Detroit Red Wings.

Ike can sing as well, as seen in the episodes "Something You Can Do with Your Finger" (where he auditions for the boy band) and "Erection Day" (where Ike sings 'The Yankee Doodle Boy' in the talent show).

In the episode "Canada on Strike", Ike is shown standing up for Canada and holding a sign with the words "Honk if you support Canada".
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Also in the episode "About Last Night" he is the last member of Obama's team to act in their plot, by faking an injury because McCain lost, and while he was in the hospital, he performed his tasks by destroying a plane filled with decoys of the presidential candidates and hacking into the hospital's computer to type in Obama and his team deceased, showing a high level of intellect and computer skills.

Catchphrases and Quotes

  • "Fags!" (referring to Harley-Davidson riders who interrupted his xylophone playing)
  • "Buh buh buh buh."
  • "Fireman!"
  • "Dopey-waping sheedeeder."
  • "Don't kick the baby!"
  • "Don't kick the goddamned baby!" (in the episode "Cancelled")
  • "Coco mutter"
  • "Take Offense!"
  • "You're dead to me!"
  • "I got poop in my pants!"
  • "Cookie Monster, yes!"
  • "Yay! Mulan!"
  • "Ring Around the Rosie!"
  • "I thought I was your brother" (in the episode "The Entity")
  • "Pizza, French Fries"
  • "I feel like an asshole"
  • "I don't like medicine!"
  • "I said 'You're dead to me' Kyle" (this quote marks the start of Ike's dialogue becomes more actively coherent. Epsiode: Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy)
  • "I'm totally tripping balls..." (in the episode "Smug Alert")
  • "I see dead celebrities"
  • "Holy shit! What the fuck am I wearing?" (upon being returned to his body in Dead Celebrities).
  • "Billy Mays!" (in the episode Dead Celebrities)
  • "Help me Kyle" (in the episode Dead Celebrities)
  • "Penis" (in the episode Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina)


Various young children (mostly the children of staffers) have voiced Ike over the years, as well as providing the voices for the other kindergartners and small children.

  • Franchesca Clifford voiced Ike in "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" and in parts of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.
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  • Jesse Howell voiced Ike for the rest of season 1 to season 3, and in the film as well.
  • Anthony Cross-Thomas voiced Ike in other parts of the film.
  • Nico and Milan Aliya Agnone both voiced Ike in seasons 4 and 5.
  • Spencer Lacey Ganus voiced Ike from seasons 6-7.
  • Katharine Howell voiced Ike in season 10.
  • Sebastian Yu voiced Ike in season 12 and 13.


  • He is the youngest character in the South Park series to have had consensual sex in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy". This spot was previous held by Jimmy Valmer, who had sex with a prostitute in "Erection Day".
  • On the broken Ike Doll's gravestone in Ike's Wee Wee, it says that he was born in 1996 (because the episode was aired in 1998).
  • Ike is the first Canadian character to appear on South Park, although his origins are not revealed until later.
  • At the end of Mecha-Streisand he managed to get his hands on the diamond and transformed into Mecha-Ike, the ramifications of this are unknown and everything was back to normal by the next episode.
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