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"I Ate My Son 'Fer a Blu-Ray Player" is a song from Season Seventeen episode, "Titties and Dragons". It is performed by a shopper named Rick Tellmore at the South Park Mall Black Friday sales event.


While the shoppers wait for over two weeks for the mall's doors to open, Channel 9 News reporter Niles Lawson interviews Rick, who seems not the least bit remorseful for eating his son. He claims his family drew straws to see who would be cannibalized first, on account of them starving and not wanting to miss the chance for a $20.00 Blu-Ray video player. When asked what he would say to people who frown upon him eating his own child, he sings this made-up holiday song.


ate my son 'fer a Blu-ray play-er
With a ho ho ho and a jingle jingle jang-le
My son got ate and it tasted good, ho ho jingle jingle ho ho!
Ho ho jingle jing-le
Jingle jingle jang-le
Jingle jingle jingle ho ho!

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