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IT is a vehicle created by Herbert Garrison that first appeared in the Season Five episode, "The Entity".


In "The Entity", Mr. Garrison, tired of inefficient and frustrating airline check-ins, decides to invent his own vehicle. Inspired by watching singer Enrique Iglesias' sexualized singing on TV and by gyroscopes, he invents the gyroscope-powered monowheel IT (supposedly a parody of the Segway, which was code-named "IT", although this episode aired before the unveiling of the Segway Scooter).

IT can go up to two hundred miles per hour, gets three hundred miles to the gallon, and is an all-around better mode of travel. The only problem is that it is controlled by an uncomfortable method; using four "flexi-grip handles" that somewhat resemble erect penises; two used by the hands, one in the mouth, and a fourth handle which is inserted into the anus. Despite this unorthodox control mechanism (which is uncomfortable to everyone except Mr. Garrison and elderly women), it is still considered better than the airlines and IT is a smashing success. Even aviation enthusiast John Travolta decides that "IT" "beats dealing with the airline companies."


Child sized ITs were also made, and one mother can be seen putting her baby in it, though the baby struggles.


Later after some inspection Randy Marsh reveals that the buttons on the front and back handles can also be found on the side of the vehicle, rendering the handles useless and allowing the use of an IT without going in and out of one's mouth and anus. Mr. Garrison confirms it's true, much to the surprise of other customers, but genuinely does not understand why would anyone use the manual controls instead.

In the end, the government shuts down Mr. Garrison's business to bail out the airline companies. To ensure the airlines' dominance as a mode of transportation and to make sure airline employees don't lose their jobs, the government outlaws ITs and makes their use illegal, despite acknowledging that the airlines are failing because of their own incompetence and inefficiency.