The ICE Detention Center is where the immigrant kids were detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the Season Twenty-Three episode, "Mexican Joker".


Due to the change of immigration policy in the United States, ICE officers arrest a large number of immigrants suspected of entering the United States illegally. The minors are separated from their parents and detained at this detention center in Texas. As anyone can give an anonymous tip-off, Cartman gets Kyle's family detained and Kyle is sent to the detention center. Later, Stan gets Cartman sent here in revenge.

As soon as Kyle and all the other kids arrive at the detention center, ICE officer Jeff Corrigan introduces them to the jail using a megaphone speaker. Dave serves as Jeff's Spanish translator but does a poor job.

The living conditions at the detention centers are very poor. The immigrant kids sleep on the ground and are only given aluminum foil as blankets. Throughout the episode, Kyle tries to persuade Jeff and Dave to release the immigrant kids.

In "Band in China", Cartman and Kyle are seen alighting from a bus after being released from the detention center.

In "Season Finale", the White family visits the ICE detention center to adopt a boy after their son Jason was run over by a car. They adopt Alejandro, a Mexican child introduced by Jeff. They later return to adopt younger Panamanian Padengo Pequeño


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