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"I've Got a Ring on My Finger" is a song written and performed by the Jonas Brothers in the episode, "The Ring". The music video also appeared in the episode, "A History Channel Thanksgiving", where Butters Stotch is seen watching the song on TV.


I've got a ring on my finger to remind me what I cannot do
Can't just do whatever I feel like, I've got to stay righteous and true
I can't hang out with my buddies and get into trouble
'Cause now we're both wearing these rings for each other
But who needs sex and drugs and partying
When we can cook a meal, then sit around and watch Netflix...Bay-bay!
I've got a ring on my finger to remind me that I must behave
No need to chase after girls; it's a promise I can never break
I made a commitment and it is forever
So we can spend every waking minute together
And if we get bored it won't be a problem
'Cause we can just hang out with other couples who wear these rings...Bay-bay!

[Musical pause, Kenny and Tammy are talking to other purity ring couples.]

Purity Boy 1:
Yeah, we found out that once you wear purity rings, it's best to hang out with other couples that do. Got more in common. Isn't that right, Sarah?
Purity Boy 2:
You know, what Carol and I really enjoy is Grey's Anatomy. We love Grey's Anatomy, don't we, Carol?
Purity Boy 3:
We adore Grey's Anatomy, don't we, Nancy?
Adore it. Kenny and Tammy, do you watch Grey's Anatomy? [Kenny and her just stare]
Purity Boy 1:
We look forward to it all week long.
Purity Boy 3:
Sure is sweet.
Purity Boy 1:
It's the most fun I've had in weeks.
Jonas Brothers:
I've got a ring on my finger to remind me what I cannot do. What I cannot do. Bay...bay...Baaay...Baybay. Baybay. Baaaybaaaaay.

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