Human Kite is an original member of Coon and Friends. He made his debut appearance in the Season Fourteen episode, "Coon 2: Hindsight".


The Human Kite is Kyle's superhero alter-ego, who appears in the superhero arc. He is a member of Coon and Friends. Human Kite's imaginary superpowers include the ability to fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes.


Video Games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

He sides with The Coon, Fastpass, MosquitoSuper Craig, and Captain Diabetes.[1]

Official Ally Description

An alien combating the persecution of kites across the galaxy, Human Kite, aka Kyle Broflovski, is an Elementalist/Blaster hybrid with fucking laser eyes. Nemesis: Human Kite from an Alternate Universe.


Human Kite is an Elementalist-Blaster.

Beginning with his ultimate, his in-game powers are listed below, with their official names and descriptions.

  • Wrath of Kite - Inflict Burning on your enemies from space.
  • Laser Burn - Rake a target with Kite's laser eyes.
  • Jetstream - Pull allies close and Heal them.
  • Kite Shield - Grant Protection to a teammate.


  • Human Kite's name is a pun on the word “kike", which is an ethnic slur for Jewish people. The fact that he is an alien may be a reference to how Adolf Hitler did not consider Jews "human."
  • Human Kite is largely based on Superman, being a faraway alien with the ability to fly and to shoot lasers out of his eyes, even wearing a costume with color red, yellow and blue and a symbol in his chest to match.
    • Furthermore, his cousin, Human Kite 2, bears much similarity to General Zod from the Movie Superman: Man of Steel, being a rival with the same abilities as the original hero. And is later genetically modified into a giant mutant monster.
  • He may also be a reference to the obscure DC Comics supervillain Kite Man, who usually serves as an adversary for Batman. Kite Man features on many lists of the most underwhelming comic book characters ever due to his very strange and not particularly threatening gimmick.


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