Howard Cartman is Cartman's imprisoned uncle and Liane Cartman's brother who took the rest of his family hostage in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" having broken out of jail.


Like most of the Cartman family, he is obese. He has balding, brown hair, wrinkles on most of his face, and a "five o'clock shadow". He wears the standard orange inmate jumpsuit and has broken chains around both of his wrists.


Howard was first seen at the dinner scene, where he reunites with his family via satellite from the penitentiary state, when Cartman's grandmother asks if he was okay, he responds upset saying "No I don't!", Stan asks Cartman If every year Howard had dinner with his family like that, Cartman says yes.

Later while Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny are sleeping in the basement of the house, Howard appears and accidentally scares them and says he did not expect them to be sleeping there, after a brief discussion with the boys, Howard introduces them to Charles Manson.

The following day Howard tells Charles to watch TV while waiting for the right time to leave the house, when the boys return to the basement to tell Howard that nobody wants to take them to the mall to visit Mr. Hankey, Charles offers to takes them, Howard tries to stop him from taking them but Charles says he didn't leave prison to be locked in someone's basement and wanted some action, so he takes the boys to the mall with Cartman's grandfather's car, while Howard is still in the basement.

When the boys and Charles being chased by the police return to Cartman residence, Howard realizes that the police were after Charles and comes out of the basement with a rifle and keeping everyone else from the hostage family while trying to figure out a way to escape without let the police see them. He then tries to get out the bathroom window but Charles tells him to go alone and that he will surrender to the police. Howard for some reason surrenders to the police with him, and before he is finally taken back to prison, apologizes to his parents (Cartman's grandparents) for what he has done.


He seems to be willing to break the law, breaking out of jail in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!". He also seems fearless, even yelling at the convicted murderer, Charlie Manson.


The Cartman Family

He is a member of the Cartman family. He is Liane Cartman's brother and Eric Cartman's uncle.


The Boys

He broke out of prison in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", he had the boys hide him and bring him food.

Charlie Manson

In "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", Howard broke out of jail with Charlie Manson. We can assume they're friends because Charlie stayed with Howard, even after breaking out of jail.


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