Horace Sanders appears in the Season Four episode, "Fat Camp ".


Horace is first seen when Eric Cartman enters the weight loss camp, he was apparently the only happy child in the camp. later he appears as one of the children caught by an ice cream truck for trying to escape from the camp, he claims that he can no longer stand without eating any candy. later his parents appear to take him out of camp because he is not losing weight. At the end of the episode, Chad tells his parents and counselors that Cartman was selling candy to them.


Horace wears the standard fat camp uniform, which consists of a short-sleeved shirt with blue details and a fat camp logo, blue shorts, and black shoes. Outside camp, he wears a dark blue shirt and brown shorts. Horace is overweight and has curly brown hair and a double chin and is larger than the 4th graders.


Horace looks more childlike than younger children, as he believed the greasy monster was real, until later realizing that he was just one of the counselors wearing a costume, this led Cartman to call him "retarded". He also seems to be concerned about his weight.

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