The Hollywood Elites are a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, pedophilic cannibals that QAnon believes in. They are mentioned throughout the Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special" where QAnon tries to stop them.


The alleged cult is comprised of political and Hollywood elites. They were uncovered when the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found guilty of sex trafficking, as he was set to squeal on all the elites in Hollywood and in Washington who had used his child sex services. Epstein was then found dead in his cell from "suicide", likely silenced by this elites. The elites harvest a substance called adrenochrome from children's blood for a euphoric and life-enhancing benefit. They depend on adrenochrome to maintain their positions of power and control the masses. QAnon believes that they will continue to do so until the people need to stand up against them.

QAnon believes that the cult puts mind-control chips in the COVID-19 vaccines and anyone who gets vaccinated is going to be tracked and manipulated for the rest of their lives. Hence QAnon tries to stop people from getting vaccinated. In order to spread their beliefs, QAnon set up a home tutoring service, Tutornon, to brainwash children to join their movement. These children form the children's arm of QAnon, Lil' Qties.

It is implied that the Hollywood Elites actually exist and run the show in South Park. When Bob White tries to put a stop to the alleged cult, he gets controlled by them; the show gets edited digitally and he is turned into a giant penis.

When that happens, Herbert Garrison realizes that in order to get his old life as a teacher back, he has to make sure he is on the side of the people with the most power. Hence he decides to make a deal with the elites instead of fighting them. An Air Israel plane arrives at South Park with enough vaccines for everyone, which they have been desperate for throughout the episode. This enables Garrison to win the trust and support of the townsfolk. By taking the vaccines, all the townsfolk are effectively falling into the elites' hands as they can now track and manipulate them.

At the end of the episode, Garrison enters the classroom alone with Mr. Hat. He looks up and says to the elites, “Nice doing business with you, you little child-murdering pedophiles.”


The Hollywood Elites all wear dark hooded robes.


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