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The Hollywood Elites are an alleged secret cabal of high-profile figures and celebrities who are secretly Satan-worshipping, child-murdering pedophiles according to the QAnon conspiracy theory. They are mentioned throughout the Season Twenty-Four episode "South ParQ Vaccination Special" where the local branch of QAnon tries to stop them.


The alleged cult is comprised of Hollywood actors and directors, as well as various left-wing political figures. According to the theory, these powerful, "elite" individuals murder and molest children so they can harvest a substance called adrenochrome from children's blood for a euphoric and life-enhancing benefit. They depend on adrenochrome to maintain their positions of power, which allow them to control the masses. They were allegedly exposed when the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found guilty of sex trafficking which, according to the theory, was to lead to him revealing the activities of these "elites" in Hollywood and in Washington D.C. who had used his child sex services. When he was later found dead in his prison cell from suicide, the theory claims this was caused by the cabal to prevent him from coming forward about their activities. QAnon believes that they will continue to do so until common people stand up against them. They strongly support the forty-fifth President of the United States, Herbert Garrison, and believe that he will help them in the "Great Awakening", which will involve a mass arrest of these elites and their ultimate defeat.

The theory also claims that these individuals place mind-control chips in the COVID-19 vaccines and that anyone who gets vaccinated is going to be tracked and manipulated for the rest of their lives. Therefore, people should not take the vaccine in order to avoid being controlled. Hoping to prevent vaccinations and to spread their beliefs, QAnon's South Park branch set up a home tutoring service, Tutornon, to advocate against vaccinations and brainwash the local children to join their movement. These children form the children's arm of QAnon, Lil' Qties.

When Herbert Garrison retires from politics and tries to get his old life as a teacher back, he is approached by Bob White, leader of the South Park branch of QAnon. Bob reveals he may have discovered where the Hollywood Elites are, and that it comes down to only "two people" who "feed on the torture and pain of children" and "run the whole damn show". He is cut off when he tries to reveal more information. When he and Garrison trudge through the snow to South Park Elementary in an effort to confront and expose them, the elites begin editing them digitally to enforce their will. Bob insists they "make a joke of everything" to discredit his beliefs, and is turned into a giant penis. Garrison, however, chooses to side with them for their power, and decides to make a deal with them instead of fighting them. An airplane from Israel arrives with enough vaccines for the whole town as previously requested, enabling Garrison to win the trust and support of the townspeople back, and later, reunited with Mr. Hat through their deal, he looks up to the elites and thanks them, "Nice doing business with you, you little child-murdering pedophiles".


The Hollywood Elites all wear dark hooded robes that conceal their identities.


In his basement, Bob White put up photos of multiple celebrities he believes to be in the cult on his notice board. Some photos of celebrities who appear on his notice board are:

In addition to the above figures, Barack Obama is also depicted in a presentation on their beliefs, where he is also seen consuming a child.

By the end of the special, however, Bob has revised his claim that there are "only two people" involved, a reference to series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


  • Even though QAnon claims to be an anti-pedophile group, Herbert Garrison was previously arrested for attempted child molestation in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA".
  • George Clooney is a friend of Matt and Trey, who previously voiced Sparky in the first season and has been referenced in previous episodes; this is his first actual appearance on South Park.
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