Hoffman and Turk is the name of the law firm that specializes in suing the dead. These offices were seen in the Season Sixteen episode, "Reverse Cowgirl".


When Clyde Donovan leaves the toilet seat up yet again, his mother is killed in a freak accident on the toilet. Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Jimmy Valmer, and Clyde go to a lawyer, in order to sue the inventor of the toilet.

Much to their despair, they find out the inventor of the toilet, Sir John Harington, had died way back in 1692. The lawyer convinces the boys to have a "sue-ance" to contact the spirit for compensation. Using the $3,000 from Betsy's life insurance, they proceed to have a round table seance. The group contacts a "greaser" spirit who refuses to give up any information till he gets a $100 tip.

At the County Courthouse, the lawyer is exposed as a fraud when the real spirit of John Harrington appears, who shows the proper way to use his toilet invention.

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