The Attorney from Hoffman and Turk Law Offices appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Reverse Cowgirl".


In "Reverse Cowgirl", he helps the Boys perform a "sue-ance", in order to try to sue the inventor of the toilet, Sir John Harington. He begins these "sue-ances" by first getting into contact with a "greaser" spirit. In order to get the greaser spirit to divulge information, the attorney asks the boys to tip him $100 for each bit of information. At the end of the episode, it is revealed by the ghost of Clyde's mother that the attorney is fraudulent, and had been extorting money from Clyde and the boys.

In “World War Zimmerman”, he appears as Zimmerman’s lawyers at the quick trail scene.


The attorney wears a black suit consisting of black pants, a black coat, and a white shirt with a red tie. He has combed brown hair and brown eyebrows.


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