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Heroin Hero is a fictional video game that appeared in Season Eleven episode, "Guitar Queer-O".


Heroin Hero relieves the player of stress, as there is no score or time limit. The object of the game is to chase a pink dragon through a magical enchanted forest while injecting simulated heroin. It is said that one can never successfully catch the dragon.

In "Guitar Queer-O", Stan Marsh buys this game and becomes addicted to it, causing him to fail at Guitar Hero. After he beats his addiction, he and Kyle return to his house to find his father, mostly naked, playing Heroin Hero.

At one point when Stan goes to the game store to get a driving video game, Brett did show Stan a new video game and offers it to him called Rehab Hero, where one gets chased by a big dragon, with the player running away from it this time. But Stan turns it down and wanted a racing game.


  • Trying to catch the dragon in the game is based on a real-life term associated with drug addiction. "Chasing the dragon" refers to one repeatedly using drugs to capture the feeling of a high they felt the first time doing a certain drug.
  • The Dragon in the game bears a striking resemblance to Yoshi from the Super Mario games, right down to wearing the same shoes.